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Analog Devices Datasheet List- 15

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PM-139 (PM-139 / PM-239) Quad Low-Power Voltage Comparators

Other parts:PM-139A, PM-139AY, PM-139Y, PM-239...
PM-139 datasheet pdf download
ADXL345 ADXL345 Digital Accelerometer

Other parts:ADXL345BCCZ, ADXL345BCCZ-RL, ADXL345BCCZ-RL7, ADXL345Z...
ADXL345 datasheet pdf download
AD7904 4-Channel, 1 MSPS, 8-/10-/12-Bit ADCs with Sequencer in 16-Lead TSSOP

Other parts:AD7904BRU, AD7904BRU-REEL, AD7904BRUZ, AD7904BRUZ-REEL...
AD7904 datasheet pdf download
AD9364 RF Agile Transceiver

Other parts:AD9364BBCZ, AD9364BBCZREEL
AD9364 datasheet pdf download
AD5424 8-/10-/12-Bit, High Bandwidth Multiplying DACs with Parallel Interface

Other parts:AD5424YCPZ, AD5424YCPZ-REEL7, AD5424YRU, AD5424YRU-REEL...
AD5424 datasheet pdf download
AD7908 8-Channel, 1 MSPS, 8-/10-/12-Bit ADCs with Sequencer in 20-Lead TSSOP

Other parts:AD7908BRU, AD7908BRU-REEL, AD7908BRU-REEL7, AD7908BRUZ...
AD7908 datasheet pdf download
AD8313 0.1 GHz-2.5 GHz/ 70 dB Logarithmic Detector/Controller

Other parts:AD8313-EVAL, AD8313ARM, AD8313ARM-REEL, AD8313ARM-REEL7...
AD8313 datasheet pdf download
ADAU1701 SigmaDSP® 28/56-Bit Audio Processor with 2ADC/4DAC

Other parts:ADAU1701JSTZ, ADAU1701JSTZ-RL, EVAL-ADAU1701EB
ADAU1701 datasheet pdf download
ADAS1127 64-Channel, 24-Bit Current-to-Digital ADC ADAS1127 datasheet pdf download
ADM3232E ±15 kV ESD Protected, 3.3 V, RS-232 Line Driver/Receiver

ADM3232E datasheet pdf download
ADM6316 Supervisory Circuits with Watchdog and Manual Reset in 5-Lead SOT-23

Other parts:ADM6316AW25ARJ, ADM6316AW26ARJ, ADM6316AW27ARJ, ADM6316AW28ARJ...
ADM6316 datasheet pdf download
ADM809JART Microprocessor Supervisory Circuit in 3-Pin SOT-23

Other parts:ADM809LART, ADM809MART, ADM809RART, ADM809SART...
ADM809JART datasheet pdf download
ADUM2400 Quad-Channel Digital Isolators

Other parts:ADUM2400ARIZ, ADUM2400ARWZ, ADUM2400BRIZ, ADUM2400BRWZ...
ADUM2400 datasheet pdf download
ADV7520NK Low-Power HDMI/DVI Transmitter

Other parts:ADV7520NKBBCZ-80, ADV7520NKBBCZRL-80ADV7520NK/PCBZ, ADV7520NKBCPZ-80
ADV7520NK datasheet pdf download
5962-8859301M2A Dual Low Offset, Low Power Operational Amplifier

Other parts:5962-8859301MPA, OP200, OP200A, OP200ARCMDA...
5962-8859301M2A datasheet pdf download
AD9361 RF Agile Transceiver / RF 2 × 2 transceiver with integrated 12-bit DACs and ADCs

Other parts:AD9361BBCZ, AD9361BBCZ-REEL
AD9361 datasheet pdf download
AD8341 1.5 GHz to 2.4 GHz RF Vector Modulator

Other parts:AD8341-EVALZ, AD8341ACPZ-REEL7, AD8341ACPZ-WP, AD8341-EVAL...
AD8341 datasheet pdf download
AD8342 Active Receive Mixer LF to 3 GHz

Other parts:AD8342-EVALZ, AD8342ACPZ-R2, AD8342ACPZ-REEL7, AD8342ACPZ-WP...
AD8342 datasheet pdf download
AD8344 Active Receive Mixer 400 MHz to 1.2 GHz

Other parts:AD8344-EVAL, AD8344ACPZ-REEL7, AD8344ACPZ-WP
AD8344 datasheet pdf download
AD8348 50 MHz to 1000 MHz Quadrature Demodulator / Compact, 28-lead TSSOP package

Other parts:AD8348-EVAL, AD8348ARU, AD8348ARU-REEL7, AD8348ARUZ...
AD8348 datasheet pdf download
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