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Analog Devices Datasheet List- 18

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AD8354 1 MHz to 2.7 GHz RF Gain Block

Other parts:AD8354-EVALZ, AD8354ACPZ-REEL7
AD8354 datasheet pdf download
AD8152 Xstream 34 x 34, 3.2 Gbps Asynchronous Digital Crosspoint Switch

Other parts:AD8152-EVAL, AD8152JBP
AD8152 datasheet pdf download
AD8153 XStream 3.2 Gbps Single Buffered Mux/Demux Switch

Other parts:AD8153-EVALZ, AD8153ACPZ, AD8153ACPZ-RL7
AD8153 datasheet pdf download
AD8155 XStream 6.5 Gbps Dual Buffer Mux/Demux

Other parts:AD8155-EVALZ, AD8155ACPZ, AD8155ACPZ-R7
AD8155 datasheet pdf download
AD8156 XStream 6.25 Gbps, 4 × 4, Digital Crosspoint Switch with EQ

Other parts:AD8156-EVALZ, AD8156ABCZ
AD8156 datasheet pdf download
AD5412 Single Channel, 12-/16-Bit, Serial Input, Current Source and Voltage Output DACs, HART Connectivity

Other parts:AD5412ACPZ-REEL, AD5412ACPZ-REEL7, AD5412AREZ, AD5412AREZ-REEL7...
AD5412 datasheet pdf download
AD5421 16-Bit, Serial Input, Loop-Powered, 4 mA to 20 mA DAC

Other parts:AD5421ACPZ-REEL7, AD5421BCPZ-REEL7, AD5421BREZ, AD5421BREZ-REEL...
AD5421 datasheet pdf download
AD5425 8-Bit, High Bandwidth Multiplying DAC with Serial Interface

Other parts:AD5425YRM, AD5425YRM-REEL, AD5425YRM-REEL7, AD5425YRMZ...
AD5425 datasheet pdf download
AD6641 250 MHz Bandwidth DPD Observation Receiver

Other parts:AD6641-500EBZ, AD6641BCPZ-500, AD6641BCPZRL7-500
AD6641 datasheet pdf download
AD6642 Dual IF Receiver

Other parts:AD6642BBCZ, AD6642BBCZRL, AD6642EBZ
AD6642 datasheet pdf download
AD6643 Dual IF Receiver

Other parts:AD6643-200EBZ, AD6643-250EBZ, AD6643BCPZ-200, AD6643BCPZ-250...
AD6643 datasheet pdf download
AD5380 40-Channel, 3 V/5 V, Single-Supply, 14-Bit, denseDAC

Other parts:AD5380BSTZ-3, AD5380BSTZ-5
AD5380 datasheet pdf download
AD5381 40-Channel, 3 V/5 V, Single-Supply, 12-Bit, denseDAC

Other parts:AD5381BSTZ-3, AD5381BSTZ-3-REEL, AD5381BSTZ-5, AD5381BSTZ-5-REEL...
AD5381 datasheet pdf download
AD5382 32-Channel, 3 V/5 V, Single-Supply, 14-Bit denseDAC

Other parts:AD5382BSTZ-3, AD5382BSTZ-5, EVAL-AD5382EBZ
AD5382 datasheet pdf download
AD5383 32-Channel, 3 V/5 V, Single-Supply, 12-Bit, denseDAC

Other parts:AD5383BSTZ-3, AD5383BSTZ-5
AD5383 datasheet pdf download
AD5384 40-Channel, 3 V/5 V, Single-Supply, Serial, 14-Bit denseDAC

Other parts:AD5384BBCZ-5, AD5384BBCZ-5REEL7
AD5384 datasheet pdf download
AD8091 Low Cost, High Speed Rail-to-Rail Amplifiers

Other parts:AD8091AR, AD8091AR-REEL, AD8091AR-REEL7, AD8091ART-R2...
AD8091 datasheet pdf download
AD8099 Ultralow Distortion, High Speed 0.95 nV/Hz Voltage Noise Op Amp

Other parts:AD8099ACPI-EBZ, AD8099ACPN-EBZ, AD8099ACPZ-R2, AD8099ACPZ-REEL...
AD8099 datasheet pdf download
AD7606 8-/6-/4-Channel DAS with 16-Bit, Bipolar Input, Simultaneous Sampling ADC

Other parts:AD7606-4, AD7606-6, AD7606BSTZ, AD7606BSTZ-4...
AD7606 datasheet pdf download
AD7607 8-Channel DAS with 14-Bit, Bipolar Input, Simultaneous Sampling ADC

Other parts:AD7607BSTZ, AD7607BSTZ-RL, EVAL-AD7607EDZ
AD7607 datasheet pdf download
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