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Analog Intergrations Datasheet List- 1


Part Name Description View
AIC1628 3-Cell, High-Efficiency, Step-Up DC/DC Converter

Other parts:AIC1628CN, AIC1628CS
AIC1628 datasheet pdf download
MC34063A Industrial Standard, Universal DC/DC Converter

Other parts:MC34063ACN, MC34063ACS
MC34063A datasheet pdf download

Other parts:AIC1085-15, AIC1085-15CE, AIC1085-15CM, AIC1085-15CT...
AIC1085 datasheet pdf download
AIC1385_14 AIC Products for TV/STB/Networking

Other parts:AIC1386_14, AIC1387_14, AIC1388_14, AIC2362_14...
AIC1385_14 datasheet pdf download
AIC1723 500mA Low Dropout Linear Regulator

Other parts:AIC1723-33CE, AIC1723-33CET, AIC1723-33CF, AIC1723-33CY...
AIC1723 datasheet pdf download
AIC2951 Low Dropout Linear Regulator

Other parts:AIC2951-30CN, AIC2951-30CS, AIC2951-33CN, AIC2951-33CS...
AIC2951 datasheet pdf download
AIC3842 Current-Mode PWM Controller

Other parts:AIC3842CN, AIC3842CS
AIC3842 datasheet pdf download

Other parts:AIC2511-12PB5, AIC2511-12PE5, AIC2511-12PM5, AIC2511-12PT5...
AIC2511 datasheet pdf download
AIC1117A-28CM 1A Low Dropout Positive Adjustable Regulator

Other parts:AIC1117A-28CT, AIC1117A-33CT, AIC1117A-50CE, AIC1117A-50CY...
AIC1117A-28CM datasheet pdf download
AIC1084 5A Low Dropout Positive Adjustable Regulator

Other parts:AIC1084-15CE, AIC1084-15CM, AIC1084-15CMA, AIC1084-15CT...
AIC1084 datasheet pdf download
AIC1117 800m A Low Dropout Positive Adjustable Regulator

Other parts:AIC1117-28CE, AIC1117-28CM, AIC1117-28CT, AIC1117-28CY...
AIC1117 datasheet pdf download
AIC1190 Ultra LDO 1A Linear Regulator With Adjustable & Bypass Pin

Other parts:AIC1190-12GE3R, AIC1190-12GE3TB, AIC1190-12GM3R, AIC1190-12GM3TB...
AIC1190 datasheet pdf download
AIC1526 Dual USB High-Side Power Switch

Other parts:AIC1526-0, AIC1526-0CN, AIC1526-0CS, AIC1526-1...
AIC1526 datasheet pdf download
AIC1528 Dual USB High-Side Power Switch

Other parts:AIC1528-0CNTR, AIC1528-0CNTB, AIC1528-0CSTR, AIC1528-0CSTB...
AIC1528 datasheet pdf download
AIC1555 Low-Noise Synchronous PWM Step-Down DC/DC Converter

Other parts:AIC1555GO8TB, AIC1555GO8TR, AIC1555PO8TB, AIC1555PO8TR...
AIC1555 datasheet pdf download
AIC1563 Versatile DC/DC Converter

Other parts:AIC1563CN, AIC1563CS
AIC1563 datasheet pdf download
AIC1569 5-bit DAC, Synchronous PWM Power Regulator

Other parts:AIC1569ACS, AIC1569A
AIC1569 datasheet pdf download
AIC1574 5-bit DAC, Synchronous PWM Power Regulator with Triple Linear Controllers

Other parts:AIC1574-CS, AIC1574CS
AIC1574 datasheet pdf download
AIC1577 External NMOS Step-Down PWM Controller

Other parts:AIC1577-COTB, AIC1577-COTR, AIC1577-CSTB, AIC1577-CSTR...
AIC1577 datasheet pdf download
AIC1578 High-Efficiency, Step-Down DC/DC Converter

Other parts:AIC1578CN, AIC1578CS
AIC1578 datasheet pdf download



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