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ALPS ELECTRIC CO.,LTD. Datasheet List- 1

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EC12 12mm Size Insulated Shaft Type

Other parts:EC12D1524403, EC12D1524406, EC12D1564402, EC12D1564404...
EC12 datasheet pdf download
RK117 11mm Size Metal Shaft Low-profile Type

Other parts:RK1171110, RK117111000A, RK117111000N, RK1171110W03...
RK117 datasheet pdf download
EC11J 11mm Size Metal Shaft Long Life Type Encoder

Other parts:EC11J0920402, EC11J0920602, EC11J0920802, EC11J0924411...
EC11J datasheet pdf download
SKHJ TACT Switch 8mm Square LED Built-in (Snap-in Type)

Other parts:SKHJAAA010, SKHJABA010, SKHJACA010, SKHJFAA010...
SKHJ datasheet pdf download
SKHC TACT Switch™ 5.2mm Square Low-profile (Surface Mount Type)

Other parts:SKHK, SKQB, SKQE, SKQG...
SKHC datasheet pdf download
SKRE TACT Switch 1.5mm Height Sidepush (Surface Mount Type)

Other parts:SKRELFE010, SKRELGE010, SKRELHE010, SKRELJE010...
SKRE datasheet pdf download
SKRG 6.2mm Diameter Round Terminal (Radial Type)

Other parts:SKRGAAD010, SKRGABD010, SKRGACD010, SKRGADD010...
SKRG datasheet pdf download
SKRN TACT Switch™ 6mm Square Low-profile Double Action (Surface Mount Type)

Other parts:SKRNPAE010, SKRNPBE010, SKRNPCE010, SKRNPDE010...
SKRN datasheet pdf download
SKRP TACT Switch™ 4.2×3.2mm Compact High Operating Force (Surface Mount Type)

Other parts:SKRPABE010, SKRPACE010, SKRPADE010
SKRP datasheet pdf download
SLLB Lever and Push Operation Type Switch

Other parts:SLLB120100, SLLB120200, SLLB120300
SLLB datasheet pdf download
SLLB5 Lever and Push Operation Type Switch

Other parts:SLLB510100, SLLB510200, SLLB520100, SLLB520200...
SLLB5 datasheet pdf download
SPVG Detector Switch 2mm-thick Two-way Operation Type

Other parts:SPVG110301, SPVG111400, SPVG111500, SPVG120302...
SPVG datasheet pdf download
SPVN Low-profile Two-way Operation Type

Other parts:SPVN110101, SPVN120101, SPVN210101, SPVN220101...
SPVN datasheet pdf download
SPPY5 Detector Switch Water-proof Type

Other parts:SPVQ1, SPVQ3, SPVQ4, SPVQ440300...
SPPY5 datasheet pdf download
SSAD Slide Switch 0.7(H)mm, 1.5mm-travel Surface Mount Type

Other parts:SSAD110100, SSAD120100
SSAD datasheet pdf download
EC05E 10mm Size Hollow Shaft Type

Other parts:EC10E, EC10E1220501, EC10E1220503, EC10E1220505...
EC05E datasheet pdf download
EC28A Hollow Shaft Type Devices 28mm Size Encoder Type

Other parts:EC28A1520401, EC28A1550401, EC28A1560401
EC28A datasheet pdf download
RK39A1A00007 39mm LED Illuminated Potentiometer

Other parts:RK39A, RK45A, RK45B, RK45C...
RK39A1A00007 datasheet pdf download

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