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AMIC Technology Datasheet List- 1


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A23L1616 2M X 16 / 4M X 8 BIT CMOS MASK ROM

Other parts:A23L16161, A23L16161V-100, A23L16161V-70, A23L16162...
A23L1616 datasheet pdf download
A23L9308 524,288 X 8 BIT CMOS MASK ROM

Other parts:A23L9308-15, A23L9308-20, A23L9308H-15, A23L9308H-20...
A23L9308 datasheet pdf download
A23L9316 512K X 16 / 1M X 8 BIT CMOS MASK ROM

Other parts:A23L93161, A23L93161V, A23L93161V-100, A23L93161V-70...
A23L9316 datasheet pdf download
A25L40PMF-50UF 8 Mbit, Low Voltage, Serial Flash Memory With 50 MHz SPI Bus Interface

Other parts:A25L80P, A25L80PMF-50, A25L80PMF-50F, A25L80PMF-50U...
A25L40PMF-50UF datasheet pdf download
A25L010 (A25L010 - A25L512) Serial Flash Memory

Other parts:A25L010-F, A25L010-M, A25L010-MF, A25L010-MU...
A25L010 datasheet pdf download
A276308 64K X 8 OTP CMOS EPROM

Other parts:A276308-55, A276308-70, A276308-90, A276308L-55...
A276308 datasheet pdf download
A29040 512K X 8 Bit CMOS 5.0 Volt-only, Uniform Sector Flash Memory

Other parts:A29040-120, A29040-150, A29040-55, A29040-70...
A29040 datasheet pdf download
A29040A 512K X 8 Bit CMOS 5.0 Volt-only, Uniform Sector Flash Memory

Other parts:A29040A-55, A29040A-70, A29040A-90, A29040AL-55...
A29040A datasheet pdf download
A43L0616B 512K X 16 Bit X 2 Banks Synchronous DRAM

Other parts:A43L0616BV, A43L0616BV-6, A43L0616BV-6F, A43L0616BV-7...
A43L0616B datasheet pdf download
A43L8316 128K X 16 Bit X 2 Banks Synchronous DRAM

Other parts:A43L8316V-10, A43L8316V-7, A43L8316V-8
A43L8316 datasheet pdf download

Other parts:A615308S, A615308S-10, A615308S-12, A615308V...
A615308 datasheet pdf download
A63L7336E-2.6 128K X 36 Bit Synchronous High Speed SRAM with Burst Counter and Pipelined Data Output

Other parts:A63L7336E-2.6F, A63L7336E-2.8, A63L7336E-2.8F, A63L7336E-3.2...
A63L7336E-2.6 datasheet pdf download
A64S06161A 16M(1M x 16bit) Normal mode & Page mode Static Random Access Memory

Other parts:A64S06161A-70U, A64S06161AG-70, A64S06161AG-70F, A64S06161AG-70U...
A64S06161A datasheet pdf download
A64S06162A 16M(1M x 16bit) Normal mode & Page mode with Deep Power Down Static Random Access Memory

Other parts:A64S06162A-70U, A64S06162AG-70, A64S06162AG-70F, A64S06162AG-70U...
A64S06162A datasheet pdf download
A67L06181 1M X 18, 512K X 36 LVTTL, Flow-through ZeBL™ SRAM

Other parts:A67L06181E-10.0, A67L06181E-10.0F, A67L06181E-7.5, A67L06181E-7.5F...
A67L06181 datasheet pdf download
A67P8336 512K X 18, 256K X 36 LVTTL, Pipelined ZeBL™ SRAM

Other parts:A67P8336E-2.6, A67P8336E-2.6F, A67P8336E-2.8, A67P8336E-2.8F...
A67P8336 datasheet pdf download
A7121 2.4GHz GFSK Transceiver A7121 datasheet pdf download
A8032 8 Bit Microcontroller

Other parts:A8032-12, A8032L-12, A8032-24, A8032L-24...
A8032 datasheet pdf download
A8351601 Bar Code Reader

Other parts:A8351601-40, A8351601F, A8351601F-40, A8351601L...
A8351601 datasheet pdf download
LP621024D-55LLI 128K X 8 BIT CMOS SRAM

Other parts:LP621024D-70LLI, LP621024D-I, LP621024DM-55LLI, LP621024DM-70LLI...
LP621024D-55LLI datasheet pdf download


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