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Artesyn Technologies Datasheet List- 1

Part Name Description View
CL25 Single and dual output

Other parts:SCL25-7618J, SCL25-7624J
CL25 datasheet pdf download
PM900 Single and dual output 5 to 6 Watt Nominal input DC/DC converters

Other parts:PM901, PM903, PM904, PM911...
PM900 datasheet pdf download
AFC5 Single and dual output

Other parts:AFC5-05D12, AFC5-05D15, AFC5-05S05, AFC5-05S12...
AFC5 datasheet pdf download
LX550 550 Watt AC/DC universal input switch mode power supplies

Other parts:LX550-7617, LX550-7620, LX550-7620-S, LX550-7624...
LX550 datasheet pdf download
NXI150 DC-DC CONVERTERS 81 A DC-DC Non-Isolated Converters

Other parts:NXI150-12P1V8CY
NXI150 datasheet pdf download
SIL06 6A Non-isolated DC/DC Converters

Other parts:SIL06-05SADJ-V, SIL06-12SADJ-V
SIL06 datasheet pdf download
SIL40C DC-DC CONVERTERS C Class Non-isolated

Other parts:SIL40C-12SADJ, SIL40C-12SADJ-HJ, SIL40C-12SADJ-VJ
SIL40C datasheet pdf download
SIL06C-00SADJ-HJ DC-DC CONVERTERS C Class Non-isolated

Other parts:SIL06C-00SADJ-VJ, SIL06C2-00SADJ-HJ, SIL06C2-00SADJ-VJ, SIL15C-00SADJ-HJ...
SIL06C-00SADJ-HJ datasheet pdf download
PTH04040 3.3 / 5.0 Vin Single Output

Other parts:PTH04040W, PTH04040WAS, PTH04040WAD, PTH04040WAZ...
PTH04040 datasheet pdf download
NXA66 66W Non-isolated DC/DC Converters

Other parts:NXA66-12P3V3C, NXA66-12P3V3C, NXA66-12P3V3CJ...
NXA66 datasheet pdf download
NLP40 Single, Dual and Triple Output

Other parts:NLP40-7605J, NLP40-7608J, NLP40-7610J, NLP40-7612J...
NLP40 datasheet pdf download
NTS500 Active power factor correction

Other parts:NTS503, NTS503-CEF, NTS503-CF, NTS505...
NTS500 datasheet pdf download

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