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AVX Corporation Datasheet List- 1


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01011D101KAT2A General Purpose Dielectric for Ceramic Capacitors

Other parts:01011D101KAT4A, 01011D101KATUA, 01011D101MAT2A, 01011D101MAT4A...
01011D101KAT2A datasheet pdf download
F980E476MMA Resin-Molded Chip, High CV Undertab

Other parts:F980G106MUA, F980G107MSA, F980G226MMA, F980G336MMA...
F980E476MMA datasheet pdf download
HK30E30561M High Voltage Ceramic Capacitors

Other parts:HK30E40391M, HK30E50281M, HK30E61950M, HK30EX0102M...
HK30E30561M datasheet pdf download
1808ACJA11A High Voltage MLC Chips(For 600V to 5000V Application) 1808ACJA11A datasheet pdf download
1206AXXX High Voltage MLC Chips

Other parts:1206CXXX, 1206GXXX, 1206HXXX, 1206JAXXX...
1206AXXX datasheet pdf download
M39006 Military Conventional Wet Tantalum

Other parts:M39006/22, M39006/25, M39006/30, M39006/31...
M39006 datasheet pdf download
08051C103JA72A X7R Dielectric

Other parts:08051C103JA74A, 08051C103JA77A, 08051C103JA79A, 08051C103JAT2A...
08051C103JA72A datasheet pdf download
08055A101JAT2A Ceramic Chip Capacitors

Other parts:08055C103M2ATA, 08055F104K4T2A, 1206ZZ105MAT2A, 1210CC223K4T1A...
08055A101JAT2A datasheet pdf download
CYR10 Glass Capacitors M23269/10 (QPL to MIL-PRF-23269)

Other parts:CYR15, CYR20, CYR30, CYR51...
CYR10 datasheet pdf download
A5E104M Multilayer Ceramic Leaded Capacitors

Other parts:CCR05CG101, CCR05CG102, CCR05CG111, CCR05CG112...
A5E104M datasheet pdf download
TAJA155M025 TAJ Series / Standard Tantalum

Other parts:TAJA225M025, TAJA335M025, TAJA474M025, TAJA475M025...
TAJA155M025 datasheet pdf download
VA100003A100 AVX Multilayer Ceramic Transient Voltage Suppressors

Other parts:VA100003A100DP, VA100003A100RP, VA100003A100TP, VA100003A100__...
VA100003A100 datasheet pdf download
CKR04 MIL-PRF-39014/Radial Leads

Other parts:CKR04BX100KM, CKR04BX100KMV, CKR04BX100KP, CKR04BX100KPV...
CKR04 datasheet pdf download
GX01ZD103PA7 Ultra Broad Band Capacitor

Other parts:GX01ZD103PA7D, GX01ZD103PA7D-1000, GX01ZD103PA7D-500, GX01ZD103PAT...
GX01ZD103PA7 datasheet pdf download

Other parts:KITSQ100LF, KITSQ1100LF, KITSQ1200LF, KITSQ1300LF...
KITSQ1000LF datasheet pdf download
SA102A1R0DAR Axial Leads/SpinGuardĀ®

Other parts:SA102A9R1DAR, SA102A100JAR, SA102A120JAR, SA102A150JAR...
SA102A1R0DAR datasheet pdf download
SV01AA100JAA High Voltage MLC Radials

Other parts:SV01AA100KAA, SV01AA100MAA, SV01AA100ZAA, SV01AA101MAA...
SV01AA100JAA datasheet pdf download
TAJA104K002A Standard Tantalum

Other parts:TAJA104K002ANJ, TAJA104K002B, TAJA104K002BNJ, TAJA104K002H...
TAJA104K002A datasheet pdf download
TAP104K035CCS Dipped Radial Capacitors

Other parts:TAP104K035CRW, TAP104K035DTS, TAP104K035DTW, TAP104K035HSB...
TAP104K035CCS datasheet pdf download
02043C105KAT2A Low Inductance Capacitors

Other parts:02043C105KAT4A, 02043C105MAT2A, 02043C105MAT4A, 02043C225KAT2A...
02043C105KAT2A datasheet pdf download


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