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1340CAPC 1340-Type Lightwave Receiver

Other parts:1340CBPC, 1340CCPC, 1340CMPC, 1340CNPC...
1340CAPC datasheet pdf download
FW322 1394A PCI PHY/Link Open Host Controller Interface FW322 datasheet pdf download
FW323-05 1394A PCI PHY/Link Open Host Controller Interface

Other parts:FW32305
FW323-05 datasheet pdf download
TMXF84622 155 Mbits/s/622 Mbits/s Interface SONET/SDH x84/x63 Ultramapper TMXF84622 datasheet pdf download
T-8207-BAL-DB CelXpres™ ATM Interconnect

Other parts:T-8207-BAL-DT, T8207, T8207-BAL-DB, T8207-BAL-DT...
T-8207-BAL-DB datasheet pdf download
LG1600FXH0500 LG1600FXH Clock and Data Regenerator

Other parts:LG1600FXH0553, LG1600FXH0622, LG1600FXH1200, LG1600FXH1244...
LG1600FXH0500 datasheet pdf download
269-A-120-D-1480-A 269-Type 14xx nm DFB Pump Laser Module

Other parts:269-A-120-D-1480-B, 269-A-120-D-1480-C, 269-A-120-D-14XX-A, 269-A-120-D-14XX-B...
269-A-120-D-1480-A datasheet pdf download
BTK1A Dual Differential Transceivers

Other parts:BTK1A16E, BTK1A16E-TR, BTK1A16G, BTK1A16G-TR...
BTK1A datasheet pdf download
T-8502 Dual PCM codec with filters. Tape and reel.

Other parts:T-8502-EL2-D, T-8502-EL2-DT, T-8502-GL2-D, T-8502-GL2-DT...
T-8502 datasheet pdf download
A1751A DWDM Analog Forward-Path or Return-Path Laser Modules

Other parts:A1751A19BBFC06, A1751A19BBFC08, A1751A19BBFC10, A1751A19BBPG06...
A1751A datasheet pdf download
A1750A A1750A DWDM Analog Forward-Path or Return-Path Laser Module

Other parts:A1750A21RRSC06, A1750A21RRSC08, A1750A21RRSC10, A1750A21RRFC06...
A1750A datasheet pdf download
108296138 AmbassadorTM T8100A, T8102, and T8105 H.100/H.110 Interface and Time-Slot Interchangers

Other parts:108296146, 108296153, 108296161, 108296179...
108296138 datasheet pdf download
OR2C04A ORCA feild-programmable gate array. Voltage 5.0 V.

Other parts:OR2C04A-4144I, OR2C04A-4J160, OR2C04A-4J160I, OR2C04A-4M84...
OR2C04A datasheet pdf download
T7570 Programmable PCM codec with hybrid-balance filter.

Other parts:T7570-ML2, T7570-ML2-TR
T7570 datasheet pdf download
BDG1A16E Quad differential driver.BDG1A, BDP1A, BDGLA, BPNGA, BPNPA, and BPPGA

Other parts:BDG1A16E-TR, BDG1A16G, BDG1A16G-TR, BDG1A16NB...
BDG1A16E datasheet pdf download
TDAT021G2 SONET/SDH 155/622/2488 Mbits/s Data Interfaces

Other parts:TDAT042G5, TDAT042G51A-3BLL1, TDAT04622
TDAT021G2 datasheet pdf download
1241CAUC Uncooled laser transmitter. Fibre channel-1062.5 Mbits/s. Average output power (dBM) -11(min),-8(typ),-5(max). Center wavelengrh(nm) 1260(min),1360(max). Connector FC-PC.

Other parts:1241CBUC, 1241FAUC, 1241FBUC, 1241FCPC...
1241CAUC datasheet pdf download
108952664 7810 Video Receiver Module

Other parts:108952680, 108952698, 108952706, 108952714...
108952664 datasheet pdf download
D2525P Wavelength-Selected D2525P Isolated DFB Laser Module with PMF

Other parts:D2525P17, D2525P18, D2525P19, D2525P20...
D2525P datasheet pdf download
D2587P17 Wavelength-Selected High-Power D2587P-Type (with Wavelength Locker)/D2547P-Type Isolated DFB Laser Modules

Other parts:D2587P175, D2587P18, D2587P185, D2587P19...
D2587P17 datasheet pdf download


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