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Agilent Technologies, Inc Datasheet List- 1

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HFBR-1521 HFBR-0501 Series / Versatile Link The Versatile Fiber Optic Connection

Other parts:HFBR-1522, HFBR-1523, HFBR-1524, HFBR-1528...
HFBR-1521 datasheet pdf download
HCPL-7860 Optically Isolated Sigma-Delta (Σ−∆) Modulator

Other parts:HCPL-7860-300, HCPL-7860-300E, HCPL-7860-500, HCPL-7860-500E...
HCPL-7860 datasheet pdf download
HSMP-3810 Surface Mount RF PIN Low Distortion Attenuator Diodes

Other parts:HSMP-3810-BLK, HSMP-3810-TR1, HSMP-3810-TR2, HSMP-3812...
HSMP-3810 datasheet pdf download
HDSP-B01G 18:88 and 88:88 0.56 Four Digit GaP Green Seven Segment Display

Other parts:HDSP-B02G, HDSP-B03G, HDSP-B04G, HDSP-B05G...
HDSP-B01G datasheet pdf download
ADNS-2610 Optical Mouse Sensor ADNS-2610 datasheet pdf download
5082-2830 Schottky Barrier Diode Quads for Double Balanced Mixers 5082-2830 datasheet pdf download
AMMP-5618 6–20 GHz General Purpose Amplifier

Other parts:AMMP-5618-BLK, AMMP-5618-TR1, AMMP-5618-TR2
AMMP-5618 datasheet pdf download
HSCH-9101 GaAs Beam Lead Schottky Barrier Diodes

Other parts:HSCH-9201, HSCH-9201TC494, HSCH-9251
HSCH-9101 datasheet pdf download
MSA-0670 Cascadable Silicon Bipolar MMIC Amplifier MSA-0670 datasheet pdf download
ATF-34143 Low Noise Pseudomorphic HEMT in a Surface Mount Plastic Package

Other parts:ATF-34143-BLK, ATF-34143-TR1, ATF-34143-TR2, ATF34143...
ATF-34143 datasheet pdf download
HLMP-0800 T-1 3/4, 2 mm x 5 mm Rectangular Bicolor LED Lamps

Other parts:HLMP-0805, HLMP-4000, HLMP-4000-XXX, HLMP-4000-002...
HLMP-0800 datasheet pdf download

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