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EPM3032A Programmable Logic Device Family

Other parts:EPM3032ATC44-10, EPM3032ATC44-4, EPM3032ATC44-7, EPM3064A...
EPM3032A datasheet pdf download
EPM7032LC44-7 Programmable logic , 256 macrocells, 16 logic array blocks, 132 I/O pins, 20ns

Other parts:EPM7032LI44-15, EPM7032SLC44-10N, EPM7032SQC160-15, EPM7064LC68-15...
EPM7032LC44-7 datasheet pdf download
EPM3256AQC208-10 Programmable Logic Device Family

Other parts:EPM3256AQI208-10N
EPM3256AQC208-10 datasheet pdf download
EPM7256AEFC256-10 Programmable logic , 256 macrocells, 16 logic array blocks, 164 I/O pins, 10ns

Other parts:EPM7256AEQC208-10, EPM7256SQC208-10, EPM7256SQC208-10F, EPM7256SQC208-15F...
EPM7256AEFC256-10 datasheet pdf download
EPM3032ALC44-10 Programmable logic , 32 macrocells, 2 logic array blocks, 34 I/O pins, 10ns

Other parts:EPM3032ALC44-10N, EPM3032ALC44-4, EPM3032ALC44-7, EPM3032ATC44-10N...
EPM3032ALC44-10 datasheet pdf download
EPM7064AETC44-10 Programmable logic , 64 macrocells, 4 logic array blocks, 36 I/O pins, 10ns

Other parts:EPM7064LC44-10, EPM7064SLC44-10, EPM7064SLC44-10F, EPM7064STC44-10F...
EPM7064AETC44-10 datasheet pdf download
EPM7032 Programmable Logic Device Family

Other parts:EPM7032AET, EPM7032AETC44, EPM7032LC44-10, EPM7032LC44-12...
EPM7032 datasheet pdf download
EPM7064AEFC100-7 Programmable logic , 64 macrocells, 4 logic array blocks, 68 I/O pins, 7ns

Other parts:EPM7064AETC100-7, EPM7064SLI84-7, EPM7064STC100-7F
EPM7064AEFC100-7 datasheet pdf download
A6402 Universal Asynchronous Receiver/Transmitter A6402 datasheet pdf download
EP1C12F173C6 Cyclone FPGA Family

Other parts:EP1C12F173C6ES, EP1C12F173C7, EP1C12F173C7ES, EP1C12F173C8...
EP1C12F173C6 datasheet pdf download
EP2C15 Cyclone II Device Family

Other parts:EP2C15A, EP2C20A, EP2C8A
EP2C15 datasheet pdf download
HC1S25 HardCopy Stratix Device Family

Other parts:HC1S30, HC1S40, HC1S60, HC1S80...
HC1S25 datasheet pdf download
EPM7032A Programmable Logic Device Family

Other parts:EPM7032AE, EPM7032AELC44-10, EPM7032AELC44-4, EPM7032AELC44-7...
EPM7032A datasheet pdf download
EN5394QI 9A PowerSoC Voltage Mode Synchronous Buck PWM DC-DC Converter With Integrated Inductor

Other parts:EVB-EN5394QI
EN5394QI datasheet pdf download
CF52005-3.0 Configuration Devices for SRAM-Based LUT Devices

Other parts:EP1K10, EP1K100, EP1K30, EP1K50...
CF52005-3.0 datasheet pdf download
EPC16 Enhanced Configuration Devices (EPC4, EPC8 & EPC16)

Other parts:EPC16QC100, EPC16QI100, EPC16UC88, EPC4...
EPC16 datasheet pdf download
FLEX10K Embedded Programmable Logic Device Family FLEX10K datasheet pdf download
EPF10K200SFC672-1X Embedded Programmable Logic Device

Other parts:FLEX10KE
EPF10K200SFC672-1X datasheet pdf download
EPM7032B Programmable Logic Device

Other parts:EPM7032B-3, EPM7032B-5, EPM7032B-7, EPM7064B...
EPM7032B datasheet pdf download
EPM1270 MAX II Device Family

Other parts:EPM1270G, EPM1270M256C5N, EPM2210, EPM2210G...
EPM1270 datasheet pdf download


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