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Amphenol Aerospace Datasheet List- 1

Part Name Description View
97-3054-10 97 series accessories cable clamps, bushing

Other parts:97-3054-12, 97-3054-16, 97-3054-6, 97-3055-12-4...
97-3054-10 datasheet pdf download
CA-4016-59 Circular Connectors

Other parts:CA-4020-59, HP10ACS, HP10AHS, HP10ASS...
CA-4016-59 datasheet pdf download
82-6093-RFX N(F)BULKHEAD CRIMP FOR RG-174/U, 188A/U, 316/U

Other parts:826093RFX
82-6093-RFX datasheet pdf download
21-033384-201 MIL-DTL-38999 Circular Connector

Other parts:21-033384-271, 21-033385-201, 21-033385-271, 21-033397-021...
21-033384-201 datasheet pdf download
C016-00U000-000-1 Amphenol-Tuchel Electronics GmbH

Other parts:C016-00U000-000-2, C016-00U000-010-2, C016-00U000-020-1, C016-00V000-000-1...
C016-00U000-000-1 datasheet pdf download
901-101 SMA Connectors

Other parts:901-170, 901-9244-2SF, 901-9246-10, 901-9CCSF...
901-101 datasheet pdf download
112205 RF / BNC Str Crimp Jk for RG-59 75 Ohm Blkhd 112205 datasheet pdf download
97-3057-1004 Circular 97 Series Threaded Connectors with Solder Contacts (MIL-C-5015 Type)

Other parts:97-3057-1004-1, 97-3057-1007, 97-3057-1007-1, 97-3057-1008-1...
97-3057-1004 datasheet pdf download
10-74910-2 Amphenol® MIL-DTL-5015 and MIL-5015 Type Standard Cylindrical Connectors

Other parts:10-74911-3, 10-74911-4, 10-74912-3, 10-74912-4...
10-74910-2 datasheet pdf download
MS20047 Amphenol® JT/LJT Subminiature Cylindrical Connectors

Other parts:MS20048, MS27352, MS27353, MS27466...
MS20047 datasheet pdf download
MS27497T22A2P Amphenol MIL-DTL-38999, Series II, JT

Other parts:MS27497T22B2P
MS27497T22A2P datasheet pdf download
HDB-D4-040C012X High Density HDB3/HSB3 Connectors

Other parts:HDB-D4-040C015X, HDB-D4-040C016X, HDB-D4-040C022X, HDB-D4-040C026X...
HDB-D4-040C012X datasheet pdf download
142250 SMB BULKHEAD JACK TO JACK ADAPTER 142250 datasheet pdf download
919-129J-51SX MCX BULKHEAD CRIMP JACK FOR RG-174/U, 188A/U, 316U/D 919-129J-51SX datasheet pdf download
MS3116F12-3S Amphenol Miniature Cylindrical Connectors

Other parts:10-101949-014, 71-533723-08P, MS3110E10-6S, MS3110E22-55S...
MS3116F12-3S datasheet pdf download

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