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Anachip Corporation Datasheet List- 1


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AH280 Hall-Effect Smart Fan Driver

Other parts:AH280A-P-A, AH280A-P-B, AH280A-PA, AH280A-PA-A...
AH280 datasheet pdf download
4148 SMD Switching Diode (Io = 150mA, Vr = 75V)

Other parts:ASS4148, ASS4148BD, ASS4148BF
4148 datasheet pdf download
AF4835P P-Channel Enhancement Mode Power MOSFET

Other parts:AF4835PS, AF4835PSA, AF4835PSL, AF4835PSLA...
AF4835P datasheet pdf download
AF4825P P-Channel 30-V (D-S) MOSFET

Other parts:AF4825PS, AF4825PSA, AF4825PSL, AF4825PSLA...
AF4825P datasheet pdf download
AF4811P P-Channel 30-V (D-S) MOSFET

Other parts:AF4811PS, AF4811PSA, AF4811PSL, AF4811PSLA...
AF4811P datasheet pdf download
AH289AP High Voltage Hall-Effect Smart Fan Motor Controller

Other parts:AH289APA, AH289APL, AH289APLA, AH289AY...
AH289AP datasheet pdf download
AP1086 1.5A Low Dropout Positive Adjustable or Fixed-Mode Regulator

Other parts:AP1086D, AP1086D15, AP1086D15A, AP1086D15L...
AP1086 datasheet pdf download
AP1115 0.6A Low Dropout Positive Adjustable or Fixed-Mode Regulator

Other parts:AP1115AV, AP1115AV15, AP1115AV15A, AP1115AV15L...
AP1115 datasheet pdf download
AP1122 1A Low Dropout Positive Regulator

Other parts:AP1122D, AP1122DA, AP1122E, AP1122EA...
AP1122 datasheet pdf download
AP1184 4A Ultra Low Dropout Positive Adjustable or Fixed-mode Regulator

Other parts:AP1184S7, AP1184S7A, AP1184S7L, AP1184S7LA...
AP1184 datasheet pdf download
AP130 300mA Low Dropout (LDO) Linear Regulator

Other parts:AP130-15R, AP130-15W, AP130-15Y, AP130-15YR...
AP130 datasheet pdf download
AP1306 Two Coil Fan Motor Predriver

Other parts:AP1306-S, AP1306-SA, AP1306-SL, AP1306-SLA...
AP1306 datasheet pdf download
AP131 300mA Low Dropout Linear Regulator with Shutdown

Other parts:AP131-15W, AP131-15WA, AP131-15WL, AP131-15WLA...
AP131 datasheet pdf download
AP1501-12K5 5A PWM Buck DC/DC Converter

Other parts:AP1501-12K5A, AP1501-12K5L, AP1501-12K5LA, AP1501-12T5...
AP1501-12K5 datasheet pdf download
AP1501A 150Khz, 5A PWM Buck DC/DC Converter

Other parts:AP1501A-12, AP1501A-12A, AP1501A-12K5, AP1501A-12K5A...
AP1501A datasheet pdf download

Other parts:AP150212S, AP150212SA, AP150233S, AP150233SA...
AP1502 datasheet pdf download
AP1503 300Khz, 2.5A PWM Buck DC/DC Converter

Other parts:AP1503-33S, AP1503-33SA, AP1503-33SL, AP1503-33SLA...
AP1503 datasheet pdf download
AP1506 150KHz, 3A PWM Buck DC/DC Converter

Other parts:AP1506-12K5, AP1506-12K5A, AP1506-12K5L, AP1506-12K5LA...
AP1506 datasheet pdf download
AP1511 PWM Control 5A Step-Down Converter

Other parts:AP1511S, AP1511SA
AP1511 datasheet pdf download
AP1512 50KHz, 2A/3A PWM Buck DC/DC Converter

Other parts:AP1512-12K5, AP1512-12K5A, AP1512-12T5, AP1512-12T5A...
AP1512 datasheet pdf download



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