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ANADIGICS Datasheet List- 1


Part Name Description View
AWS5506 GaAs IC SPDT reflective switch DC-2.5 GHz

Other parts:AWS5506S14
AWS5506 datasheet pdf download
AMT121302 1.25 Gb/s 1310/1550nm PIN-TIA

Other parts:AMT121302T46F, AMT121302T46L
AMT121302 datasheet pdf download
AIT1000 PicoTuner™ Complete Integrated Data Tuner

Other parts:AIT1000M
AIT1000 datasheet pdf download
ARA2000S23 CATV Reverse Amplifier with Step Attenuator ARA2000S23 datasheet pdf download
AS29LV800 3V 1M × 8/512K × 16 CMOS Flash EEPROM

Other parts:AS29LV800B-120SC, AS29LV800B-120SCB, AS29LV800B-120SCH, AS29LV800B-120SI...
AS29LV800 datasheet pdf download
AGB3302 50Ω Hgih Linearity Low Noise Wideband Gain Block

Other parts:AGB3302S24Q1
AGB3302 datasheet pdf download
ACA0861 750/860 MHz CATV Line Amplifier MMIC

Other parts:ACA0861A, ACA0861ARS7P2, ACA0861AS7CTR, ACA0861B...
ACA0861 datasheet pdf download
ACA2407E 750/870 MHz CATV Power Doubler Line Amplifier

Other parts:ACA2407ERS7P2, ACA2407ERS7P0
ACA2407E datasheet pdf download
ACA2420 24V, 1000 MHz, 21.5dB Gain High Output Power Doubler Line Amplifier

Other parts:ACA2420RS7P0, ACA2420RS7P2
ACA2420 datasheet pdf download
ACA2604 Fiber-to-the-Home RF Amplifier

Other parts:ACA2604RS29P8
ACA2604 datasheet pdf download
ACD0900 VHF/UHF CATV/TV Tuner Downconverter

Other parts:ACD0900RS3, ACD0900RS3P1, ACD0900S3C, ACD0900S3CTR...
ACD0900 datasheet pdf download
ACU2109 Wideband Tuner Upconverter

Other parts:ACU2109S3C, ACU2109S3CTR, ACU2109S3GP0, ACU2109S3GP1...
ACU2109 datasheet pdf download
AGB3301 50Ω High Linearity Low Noise Wideband Gain Block

Other parts:AGB3301RS24Q1
AGB3301 datasheet pdf download
AGB3303 50Ω High Linearity Low Noise Wideband Gain Block

Other parts:AGB3303S24Q1
AGB3303 datasheet pdf download
AIT1005 PicoTuner™ Complete Integrated Data Tuner AIT1005 datasheet pdf download
AIT1042 Integrated Digital Tuner with RF and IF Gain Control

Other parts:AIT1042RS38P8, AIT1042RS38P9
AIT1042 datasheet pdf download
ARA2000 Address-Programmable Reverse Amplifer with Step Attenuator

Other parts:ARA2000S12P1
ARA2000 datasheet pdf download
ARA2017 Programmable Gain Amplifier

Other parts:ARA2017RS29P8
ARA2017 datasheet pdf download
ATA7609 10 Gb/s High Overload TIA

Other parts:ATA7609D1
ATA7609 datasheet pdf download
AWC6325 HELP3E Dual-band Cellular & PCS CDMA 3.4 V Linear Power Amplifier Module

Other parts:AWC6325P9, AWC6325Q7
AWC6325 datasheet pdf download


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