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AZ Microtek Datasheet List- 1

Part Name Description View
AZ10/100ELT20LG CMOS/TTL to Differential PECL Translator

Other parts:AZ10/100ELT20XP, AZ100ELT20, AZ100ELT20D, AZ100ELT20DG...
AZ10/100ELT20LG datasheet pdf download
AZ100LVEL11 ECL/PECL 1:2 Differential Fanout Buffer

Other parts:AZ100LVEL11D, AZ100LVEL11DR1, AZ100LVEL11DR2, AZ100LVEL11T...
AZ100LVEL11 datasheet pdf download
AZ100EL16VO ECL/PECL Oscillator Gain Stage and Buffer with Enable

Other parts:AZ100EL16VODR1, AZ100EL16VODR2, AZ100EL16VOL, AZ100EL16VOLR1...
AZ100EL16VO datasheet pdf download
AZ100EL32 ECL/PECL ÷ 2 Divider

Other parts:AZ100EL32D, AZ100EL32DR1, AZ100EL32DR2, AZ100EL32TR1...
AZ100EL32 datasheet pdf download

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