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Avago Technologies Datasheet List- 1


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HCPL-7840 Analog isolation amplifier

Other parts:HCPL-7840-300, HCPL-7840-500
HCPL-7840 datasheet pdf download
4603 Display. LHDP

Other parts:5082-7610, 5082-7611, 5082-7613, 5082-7620...
4603 datasheet pdf download
HPDL-1414 Four character smart alphanumeric display HPDL-1414 datasheet pdf download
HCPL-5200 Hermetically sealed, low I, wide V, logic gate optocoupler

Other parts:HCPL-5200-300, HCPL-5201, HCPL-5201-100, HCPL-5201-200...
HCPL-5200 datasheet pdf download
HCPL-0710 40 ns Propagation Delay, CMOS Optocoupler

Other parts:HCPL-7710, HCPL-7710-000E, HCPL-7710-020E...
HCPL-0710 datasheet pdf download
HLMP-CB11 T-13/4 (5 mm) Extra Bright Precision Optical Performance InGaN LED Lamps

HLMP-CB11 datasheet pdf download
HFBR-53D5 1 x 9 Fiber Optic Transceivers for Gigabit Ethernet

Other parts:HFBR-53D5EM, HFBR-53D5FM, HFCT-53D5, HFCT-53D5EM...
HFBR-53D5 datasheet pdf download
AFBR-5803ATZ FDDI, 100 Mb/s ATM, and Fast Ethernet Transceivers in Low Cost 1 x 9 Package Style

Other parts:AFBR-5803AZ, AFBR-5803TZ, AFBR-5803Z
AFBR-5803ATZ datasheet pdf download
HLMP-1700 T-1 3/4(5mm), T-1(3mm), Low Current LED Lamps

Other parts:HLMP-1719, HLMP-1790, HLMP-4700, HLMP-4719...
HLMP-1700 datasheet pdf download
MSA-0520 Cascadable Silicon Bipolar MMIC Amplifier

Other parts:MSA0520
MSA-0520 datasheet pdf download
ACPL-214 AC Input, Half-Pitch Phototransistor Optocoupler

Other parts:ACPL-214-500E, ACPL-214-50AE, ACPL-214-560E, ACPL-214-56AE...
ACPL-214 datasheet pdf download
HLMP-0800 T-1 3/4, 2 mm x 5 mm Rectangular Bicolor LED Lamps

Other parts:HLMP-0805, HLMP-0815, HLMP-4000, HLMP-4005...
HLMP-0800 datasheet pdf download
6N137 High CMR, High Speed TTL Compatible Optocouplers

Other parts:6N137-000E, 6N137-020E, 6N137-060E, 6N137-300E...
6N137 datasheet pdf download
ADJD-MJ50 High Performance RGB LED Light Source

Other parts:ADJD-MJ51, ADJD-MJ60, ADJD-MJ61
ADJD-MJ50 datasheet pdf download
ACPL-7900 Precision Isolation Amplifiers / ACPL-790B, ACPL-790A, ACPL-7900

Other parts:ACPL-7900-000E, ACPL-7900-300E, ACPL-7900-500E, ACPL-790A...
ACPL-7900 datasheet pdf download
HLCP-2300 LED Light Bars / The HLMP-2XXX series light bars are rectangular light sources

Other parts:HLCP-2400, HLCP-2500, HLCP-2600, HLCP-2700...
HLCP-2300 datasheet pdf download
HDSP-F151 10 mm (0.40 inch) Seven Segment Displays

Other parts:HDSP-F153, HDSP-F157, HDSP-F158, HDSP-F161...
HDSP-F151 datasheet pdf download
ACPL-064L-000E Ultra Low Power 10 MBd Digital CMOS Optocouplers

Other parts:ACPL-064L-060E, ACPL-064L-500E, ACPL-064L-560E, ACPL-K64L-000E...
ACPL-064L-000E datasheet pdf download
ACPL-827 Multi-Channel Full-Pitch Phototransistor Optocoupler

Other parts:ACPL-827-000E, ACPL-827-00BE, ACPL-827-00CE, ACPL-827-060E...
ACPL-827 datasheet pdf download
ACPL-C780 Miniature Isolation Amplifiers

Other parts:ACPL-C780-000E, ACPL-C780-060E, ACPL-C780-500E, ACPL-C780-560E...
ACPL-C780 datasheet pdf download



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