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Fairchild Semiconductor Datasheet List- 10

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DM74ALS30AM 8-Input NAND Gate

Other parts:DM74ALS30AMX, DM74ALS30AN, DM74ALS30ASJ, DM74ALS30ASJX...
DM74ALS30AM datasheet pdf download
TDA2002 8 Watt audio power amplifier

Other parts:TDA2002AH, TDA2002AV, TDA2002H, TDA2002V...
TDA2002 datasheet pdf download
74F269 8-Bit Bidirectional Binary Counter

Other parts:74F269CW, 74F269SC, 74F269SCX, 74F269SPC...
74F269 datasheet pdf download
DM74ALS520N 8-Bit Comparator

Other parts:DM74ALS520WM, DM74ALS520WMX, DM74ALS521N, DM74ALS521WM...
DM74ALS520N datasheet pdf download
74LVX4245 8-Bit Dual Supply Translating Transceiver with 3-STATE Outputs

Other parts:74LVX4245CW, 74LVX4245MTC, 74LVX4245MTCX, 74LVX4245QSC...
74LVX4245 datasheet pdf download
V320MTC 8-Bit Registered Bus Transceiver

Other parts:V320MTCX, V320
V320MTC datasheet pdf download
74LS259M 8-Bit Serial In to Parallel Out Addressable Latches

Other parts:74LS259N, 74LS259WM, DM74LS259CW, DM74LS259MX...
74LS259M datasheet pdf download
MM74HC595CW 8-Bit Shift Registers with Output Latches

Other parts:MM74HC595WM, MM74HC595WMX
MM74HC595CW datasheet pdf download
74ACT323CW 8-Bit Universal Shift/Storage Register with Synchronous Reset and Common I/O Pins

Other parts:74ACT323PC, 74ACT323
74ACT323CW datasheet pdf download
74F30 8-Input NAND Gate

Other parts:74F30PC, 74F30SC, 74F30SCX, 74F30SJ...
74F30 datasheet pdf download
74AC299 8-Input Universal Shift/Storage Register with Common Parallel I/O Pins

Other parts:74AC299CW, 74AC299MTC, 74AC299MTCX, 74AC299PC...
74AC299 datasheet pdf download

Other parts:FQD17N08L, FQD17N08LTF, FQD17N08LTM, FQD9N08L...
FQB17N08L datasheet pdf download
ISL9K8120P3 8A, 1200V Stealth™ Dual Diode

Other parts:K8120P3
ISL9K8120P3 datasheet pdf download
74FR900SSC 9-Bit, 3-Port Latchable Datapath Multiplexer

Other parts:74FR900SSCX, 74FR900
74FR900SSC datasheet pdf download
74FR25900SSC 9-Bit, 3-Port Latchable Datapath Multiplexer with 25Ω Output Series Resistors

Other parts:74FR25900SSCX, 74FR25900
74FR25900SSC datasheet pdf download
DM74AS286 9-Bit Parity Generator/Checker with Bus-Driver Parity I/O Port

Other parts:DM74AS286M, DM74AS286N, DM74AS286MX
DM74AS286 datasheet pdf download
74F843SC 9-Bit Transparent Latch

Other parts:74F843SCX, 74F843SPC, 74F843
74F843SC datasheet pdf download
FQA11N90 N-Channel MOSFET 900 V, 11.4 A, 960 mΩ

Other parts:FQA11N90_F109
FQA11N90 datasheet pdf download
FAN5067 ACPI Dual Switch Controller

Other parts:FAN5067M, FAN5067MX
FAN5067 datasheet pdf download

Other parts:F5D3, F5D1
F5D2 datasheet pdf download
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