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Fairchild Semiconductor Datasheet List- 14

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BDW23 General purpose NPN Darlington transistor

Other parts:BDW23A, BDW23B, BDW23C
BDW23 datasheet pdf download
KSP2222A NPN General Purpose Amplifier KSP2222A datasheet pdf download
KSP2907A 2907A, KSP2907A / General purpose transistor, PNP KSP2907A datasheet pdf download
4401 NPN General Pupose Amplifier 4401 datasheet pdf download
1N4370 Zeners

Other parts:1N4370A, 1N4371, 1N4371A, 1N4372...
1N4370 datasheet pdf download
BZX55 BZX55C2V4 - BZX55C56 Zener Diodes

Other parts:BZX55C2V4, BZX55C2V7, BZX55C36, BZX55C39...
BZX55 datasheet pdf download
DM74ALS804AWMX Hex 2-Input NAND Driver

Other parts:DM74ALS804AWM, DM74ALS804AN, DM74ALS804A
DM74ALS804AWMX datasheet pdf download
74AC174CW Hex D-Type Flip-Flop with Master Reset

Other parts:74ACT174CW
74AC174CW datasheet pdf download
MM74C174M Hex D-Type Flip-Flop

Other parts:MM74C174MX, MM74C174N, MM74C174
MM74C174M datasheet pdf download
DM74174 Hex/Quad D-Type Flip-Flop with Clear

Other parts:54174DMQB, 54174FMQB, 54175DMQB, 54175FMQB...
DM74174 datasheet pdf download
74AC04 Hex Inverter

Other parts:74AC04CW, 74AC04MTC, 74AC04MTCX, 74AC04PC...
74AC04 datasheet pdf download
MM74C04CW Hex Inverter

Other parts:MM74HC04, MM74HC04CW, MM74HC04M, MM74HC04MTC...
MM74C04CW datasheet pdf download
74F366PC Hex Inverter/Buffer with 3-STATE Outputs

Other parts:74F366SC, 74F366SCX, 74F368PC, 74F368SC...
74F366PC datasheet pdf download
DM7416 Hex Inverting Buffer/Driver with High-Voltage Open-Collector Outputs

Other parts:DM7416N
DM7416 datasheet pdf download
DM74ALS1005M Hex Inverting Driver with Open Collector Outputs

Other parts:DM74ALS1005MX, DM74ALS1005N, DM74ALS1005
DM74ALS1005M datasheet pdf download
DM74LS04CW Hex Inverting Gates

Other parts:DM74LS04M, DM74LS04MX, DM74LS04N, DM74LS04SJ...
DM74LS04CW datasheet pdf download
74HC14 Hex Inverting Schmitt Trigger

Other parts:MM74HC14, MM74HC14CW, MM74HC14M, MM74HC14MTC...
74HC14 datasheet pdf download
MM74C901 Hex Inverting TTL Buffer • Hex Non-Inverting TTL Buffer

Other parts:MM74C901M, MM74C902, MM74C902M, MM74C901MX...
MM74C901 datasheet pdf download
74VHC14CW Hex Schmitt Inverter

Other parts:74VHC14MSCX, 74VHC14MTCX/JD8, 74VHC14MTC_99, 74VHC14MX_99...
74VHC14CW datasheet pdf download
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