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Fairchild Semiconductor Datasheet List- 2



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Part Name Description View
74AC138CW 1-of-8 Decoder/Demultiplexer

Other parts:74ACT138CW
74AC138CW datasheet pdf download
DM74S151 1-of-8 Data Selector/Multiplexer with Complementary Outputs

Other parts:DM74S151CW, DM74S151N
DM74S151 datasheet pdf download
1N4933GP Fast Rectifiers (Glass Passivated)

Other parts:1N4934GP, 1N4935GP, 1N4936GP, 1N4937GP...
1N4933GP datasheet pdf download
EGP10A 1.0 Ampere Glass Passivated High Efficiency Rectifiers

Other parts:EGP10B, EGP10C, EGP10D, EGP10F...
EGP10A datasheet pdf download
UF4001 Fast Rectifiers (Glass Passivated)

Other parts:UF4002, UF4003, UF4004, UF4005...
UF4001 datasheet pdf download
GF1A General Purpose Rectifiers (Glass Passivated)

Other parts:GF1B, GF1D, GF1G, GF1J...
GF1A datasheet pdf download
1N4001 General-Purpose Rectifiers

Other parts:1N4002, 1N4003, 1N4004, 1N4005...
1N4001 datasheet pdf download
1N5817 Schottky Barrier Rectifier

Other parts:1N5818, 1N5819, 1N5818...
1N5817 datasheet pdf download
SB100 Schottky Rectifiers

Other parts:SB1100, SB120, SB130, SB140...
SB100 datasheet pdf download
ES1A Fast Rectifiers

Other parts:ES1B, ES1C, ES1D
ES1A datasheet pdf download
DF005M Bridge Rectifiers

Other parts:DF01M, DF02M, DF04M, DF06M...
DF005M datasheet pdf download
1N5391 General Purpose Rectifiers

Other parts:1N5392, 1N5394, 1N5395, 1N5396...
1N5391 datasheet pdf download
W005G 1.5 Ampere Glass Passivated Bridge Rectifiers

Other parts:W04G, W06G, W08G, W10G...
W005G datasheet pdf download
S2A 1.5 Ampere Glass Passivated Rectifiers

Other parts:S2B, S2D, S2G, S2J...
S2A datasheet pdf download
GMA3688C 1.5 INCH (37.9mm) 8 X 8 DOT MATRIX STICK DISPLAY GMA3688C datasheet pdf download
GMA46881C 1.85 INCH (47.0mm) 8 X 8 DOT MATRIX STICK DISPLAY GMA46881C datasheet pdf download
74F821 10-Bit D-Type Flip-Flop

Other parts:74F821SC, 74F821SCX, 74F821SPC, 74F821SC...
74F821 datasheet pdf download
74AC821CW 10-Bit D-Type Flip-Flop with 3-STATE Outputs

Other parts:74AC821SC, 74AC821SCX, 74AC821SPC, 74ACT821CW...
74AC821CW datasheet pdf download
GTLP10B320 10-Bit LVTTL/GTLP Transceiver with Split LVTTL Port and Feedback Path

Other parts:GTLP10B320MTD, GTLP10B320MTDX
GTLP10B320 datasheet pdf download
HRF3205 100A, 55V, 0.008 Ohm, N-Channel, Power MOSFETs

Other parts:HRF3205S, HRF3205T, HRF3205ST
HRF3205 datasheet pdf download


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