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Fairchild Semiconductor Datasheet List- 21



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Part Name Description View
BCW71 NPN transistor for low level audio amplifier and switching applications BCW71 datasheet pdf download
BDX53 NPN Epitaxial Silicon Transistor

Other parts:BDX53A, BDX53B, BDX53C
BDX53 datasheet pdf download
S9015 PNP Epitaxial Silicon Transistor

Other parts:SS9015
S9015 datasheet pdf download
BU508AF NPN Triple Diffused Planar Silicon Transistor

Other parts:BU508AFTBTU
BU508AF datasheet pdf download
KSP10 NPN VHF/UHF transistor, collector-emitter=25V, collector power dissipation=1.0 W KSP10 datasheet pdf download
DM74LS244CW Octal 3-STATE Buffer/Line Driver/Line Receiver

Other parts:DM74S240, DM74S240N, DM74S244CW, DM74S244N...
DM74LS244CW datasheet pdf download
DM74ALS240ACW Octal 3-STATE Bus Driver

Other parts:DM74ALS244ACW
DM74ALS240ACW datasheet pdf download
DM74AS240 3-STATE Bus Driver/Receiver

Other parts:DM74AS240N, DM74AS240WM, DM74AS240WMX, DM74AS244...
DM74AS240 datasheet pdf download
74HC245 74HC245, MM74HC245 / Octal 3-STATE Transceiver

Other parts:MM74HC245ACW
74HC245 datasheet pdf download
74ABT2541 Octal Buffer/Line Driver with 25Ω Series Resistors in the Outputs

Other parts:74ABT2541CMSA, 74ABT2541CMSAX, 74ABT2541CMTC, 74ABT2541CMTCX...
74ABT2541 datasheet pdf download
74VHCT541A Octal Buffer/Line Driver with 3-STATE Outputs

Other parts:74VHCT541ACW, 74VHCT541AM, 74VHCT541AMTCX, 74VHCT541AMX...
74VHCT541A datasheet pdf download
DM74AS651 Octal Bus Transceiver and Register

Other parts:DM74AS651NT, DM74AS651WM, DM74AS651WMX, DM74AS652...
DM74AS651 datasheet pdf download
74F646 Octal Transceiver/Register with 3-STATE Outputs

Other parts:74F646B, 74F648, 74F646SC, 74F646MSA...
74F646 datasheet pdf download
DM74ALS645A Octal Bus Transceivers

Other parts:DM74ALS645AWMX, DM74ALS645AWM, DM74ALS645AN
DM74ALS645A datasheet pdf download
DM74LS534 Octal D-Type Flip-Flop with 3-STATE Outputs

Other parts:DM74LS534N
DM74LS534 datasheet pdf download
DM74ALS373 Octal D-Type 3-STATE Transparent Latch

Other parts:DM74ALS373SJX, DM74ALS373WMX, DM74ALS373WM, DM74ALS373SJ...
DM74ALS373 datasheet pdf download
DM74ALS564A Octal D-Type Edge-Triggered Flip-Flop with 3-STATE Outputs

Other parts:DM74ALS564AN, DM74ALS564AWM, DM74ALS564AWMX
DM74ALS564A datasheet pdf download
DM74ALS534N Octal D-Type Edge-Triggered Flip-Flop with 3-STATE Outputs

Other parts:DM74ALS534WM, DM74ALS534WMX, DM74ALS534
DM74ALS534N datasheet pdf download
74ABT273 Octal D-Type Flip-Flop

Other parts:74ABT273CMSA, 74ABT273CMSAX, 74ABT273CMTC, 74ABT273CMTCX...
74ABT273 datasheet pdf download
74LS573 Octal D-Type Latch with 3-STATE Outputs

Other parts:DM74LS573, DM74LS573N, DM74LS573WM, DM74LS573WMX...
74LS573 datasheet pdf download


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