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Fairchild Semiconductor Datasheet List- 6

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Part Name Description View
DM74AS257M 3-STATE Quad 1 of 2 Line Data Selector/Multiplexers

Other parts:DM74AS257MX, DM74AS257N, DM74AS258M, DM74AS258MX...
DM74AS257M datasheet pdf download
KA79L05AD 3-Terminal 0.1A Negative Voltage Regulator

Other parts:KA79L05AM, KA79L08AZ, KA79LXXA
KA79L05AD datasheet pdf download
LM78M05 3-Terminal 0.5A Positive Voltage Regulator

Other parts:LM78M05CT, LM78MXX, MC78M05, MC78M06...
LM78M05 datasheet pdf download
KA337 3-Terminal 1.5 A Negative Adjustable Regulator

Other parts:KA337TU, LM337...
KA337 datasheet pdf download
7805 3-Terminal 1 A Positive Voltage Regulator

Other parts:7805CT, 7808, 7809, 7810...
7805 datasheet pdf download
MC7805 3-Terminal 1A Positive Voltage Regulator

Other parts:MC7805A, MC7805ACT, MC7805CDT, MC7805CT...
MC7805 datasheet pdf download
KA7810R 3-terminal 1A positive voltage regulator / KA7805 thru KA7815

Other parts:KA7811, KA7811A, KA7811R, KA7815R...
KA7810R datasheet pdf download
KA350 3-Terminal 3A Positive Adjustable Voltage Regulator KA350 datasheet pdf download
S3A General Purpose Rectifiers

Other parts:S3B, S3D, S3G, S3J...
S3A datasheet pdf download
EGP30A 3.0 Ampere Glass Passivated High Efficiency Rectifiers

Other parts:EGP30B, EGP30C, EGP30D, EGP30F...
EGP30A datasheet pdf download
1N5820 Schottky Rectifiers

Other parts:1N5821, 1N5822, IN5820, IN5821...
1N5820 datasheet pdf download
ES3A Fast Rectifiers

Other parts:ES3B, ES3C, ES3D, ES3J...
ES3A datasheet pdf download
3035PT Schottky Rectifiers

Other parts:3045PT, 3050PT, 3060PT, MBR3035PT...
3035PT datasheet pdf download
ISL9K30120G3 30A, 1200V Stealth™ Dual Diode

Other parts:K30120G3
ISL9K30120G3 datasheet pdf download
RHRG3040 30A, 600V Hyperfast Rectifier

Other parts:RHRG3060, RHRG3060_F085
RHRG3040 datasheet pdf download
RHRG3040CC 30A, 400V - 600V Hyperfast Dual Diodes

Other parts:RHRG3060CC, RHRG3040C, RHRG3060C
RHRG3040CC datasheet pdf download
BUZ11 N-Channel Power MOSFET 50V, 30A, 40 mΩ

Other parts:BUZ11_NR4941
BUZ11 datasheet pdf download
1S30N06L 30A, 60V, ESD Rated, 0.047 Ohm, Logic Level N-Channel Power MOSFETs

Other parts:P30N06LE, RF1S30N06LESM, RF1S30N06LESM9A, RFP30N06LE...
1S30N06L datasheet pdf download
SI4542D 30V Complementary PowerTrench MOSFET

Other parts:SI4542DY
SI4542D datasheet pdf download
FDS8333C 30V N & P-Channel PowerTrench® MOSFETs FDS8333C datasheet pdf download
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