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2N4223 N-Channel JFET High Frequency Amplifier

Other parts:2N4224
2N4223 datasheet pdf download
76132P 75A, 30V, 0.011 Ohm, N-Channel, Logic Level UltraFET Power MOSFETs

Other parts:76132S, HUF76132P3, HUF76132S3S, HUF76132S3ST...
76132P datasheet pdf download
ICL7660SCBA/883B Super Voltage Converter

Other parts:ICL7660SCPA/883B, ICL7660SIBA/883B, ICL7660SIPA/883B, ICL7660SMTV...
ICL7660SCBA/883B datasheet pdf download
29103BRA 16K x 1 Asynchronous CMOS Static RAM

Other parts:29109BRA, 8413201RA, 8413201YA, 8413203RA...
29103BRA datasheet pdf download
CA3126 TV Chroma Processor

Other parts:CA3126E, CA3126M1
CA3126 datasheet pdf download
CD4007 CMOS Dual Complementary Pair Plus Inverter

Other parts:CD4007UBMS
CD4007 datasheet pdf download
CD40109BMS CMOS Quad Low-to-High Voltage Level Shifter CD40109BMS datasheet pdf download
CD4029 CMOS Presettable Up/Down Counter

Other parts:CD4029BMS
CD4029 datasheet pdf download
CD4555 CMOS Dual Binary to 1 of 4 Decoder/Demultiplexers

Other parts:CD4555BMS, CD4556, CD4556BMS
CD4555 datasheet pdf download
5962-9054304MQA CMOS High Performance Programmable DMA Controller

Other parts:5962-9054304MXA, 5962-9054305MQA, 5962-9054305MXA, 82C237...
5962-9054304MQA datasheet pdf download
EL4583 Sync Separator, 50% Slice, S-H, Filter, HOUT

Other parts:EL4583CN, EL4583CS-T7, EL4583CS-T13, EL4583CS...
EL4583 datasheet pdf download
7202CS High Speed/ Dual Channel Power MOSFET Drivers

Other parts:7202CSZ, 7212CS, 7212CSZ, 7222CS...
7202CS datasheet pdf download
HA-2400 650ns Precision Sample and Hold Amplifier

Other parts:HA-2404, HA-2405, HA1-2400-2, HA1-2404-4...
HA-2400 datasheet pdf download
HS-0508RH Radiation Hardened Single 8/Differential 4-Channel CMOS Analog Multiplexers

Other parts:HS-0509RH, 5962D9569201VEA, HS1-0508RH-Q, 5962D9569201VEC...
HS-0508RH datasheet pdf download
75339G 75A, 55V, 0.012 Ohm, N-Channel UltraFET Power MOSFETs

Other parts:75339P, 75339S, HUF75339G3, HUF75339G3T...
75339G datasheet pdf download
ICM7206/D CMOS Touch Tone Encoder

Other parts:ICM7206AJPE, ICM7206A_D, ICM7206BJPE, ICM7206B_D...
ICM7206/D datasheet pdf download
7555CBA General Purpose timers

Other parts:7555CBAZ, 7555IBA, 7555IBAZ, 7555IPA...
7555CBA datasheet pdf download
5962R1321102VXC Radiation Hardened Ultra Low Noise, Precision Voltage Reference

Other parts:ISL71090SEH25, ISL71090SEHF25, ISL71090SEHF25/PROTO, ISL71090SEHF25EVAL1Z...
5962R1321102VXC datasheet pdf download
QLX4300-S45 Quad Lane Extender

Other parts:QLX4300SIQ, QLX4300SIQSR, QLX4300SIQT7
QLX4300-S45 datasheet pdf download
RURD840 8A, 400V - 600V Ultrafast Diodes

Other parts:RURD840S, RURD860, RURD860S, RURD8409A...
RURD840 datasheet pdf download
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