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TW2851 Advanced 4-Channel A/V Decoder, MUX and Display Processor TW2851 datasheet pdf download
CX28C010DMB-12 5V, Byte Alterable EEPROM

Other parts:CX28C010DMB-15, CX28C010DMB-20, CX28C010FMB-12, CX28C010FMB-15...
CX28C010DMB-12 datasheet pdf download
3221EIVZ +-15kV ESD Protected, +3V to +5.5V, 1uA, 250kbps, RS-232 Transmitters/Receivers

Other parts:3222EIBZ, 3232ECAZ, 3232ECBN, 3232ECBNZ...
3221EIVZ datasheet pdf download
IM6402 Universal Asynchronous Receiver Transmiiter (UART)

Other parts:IM6402/W, IM6402D, IM6402W, IM6403...
IM6402 datasheet pdf download
HSP45106 16-Bit Numerically Controlled Oscillator

Other parts:HSP45106JC-25, HSP45106JI-25, HSP45106JC-33, HSP45106GC-33...
HSP45106 datasheet pdf download
IC7135 4 1/2 Digit, BCD Output, A/D Converter

Other parts:ICL7135CPIZ
IC7135 datasheet pdf download
ISL26310 12-bit, 125kSPS Low-power ADCs with Single-ended and Differential Inputs and Multiple Input Channels

Other parts:ISL26311, ISL26312, ISL26313, ISL26314...
ISL26310 datasheet pdf download
ISL6205 High Voltage Synchronous Rectified Buck MOSFET Driver

Other parts:ISL6205CB, ISL6205CB-T
ISL6205 datasheet pdf download
ISL6251 Low Cost Multi Chemistry Battery Charger Controller

Other parts:ISL6251A, ISL6251AHAZ, ISL6251AHAZ-T, ISL6251AHRZ...
ISL6251 datasheet pdf download
FRM9130D 6A, -100V, 0.550 Ohm, Rad Hard, P-Channel Power MOSFETs

Other parts:FRM9130H, FRM9130R, M9130
FRM9130D datasheet pdf download
X1243 16K (2K x 8), 2-Wire RTC

Other parts:X1243S8, X1243S8I, X1243V8
X1243 datasheet pdf download
X9221A Dual Digitally Controlled Potentiometer

Other parts:X9221AUP, X9221AUPI, X9221AUPIZ, X9221AUPZ...
X9221A datasheet pdf download
HI1178 Triple 8-Bit, 40MSPS, RGB, 3-Channel D/A Converter

Other parts:HI1178JCQ
HI1178 datasheet pdf download
003A Highly Efficient 3A Synchronous Buck Regulator

Other parts:003F, ISL85003, ISL85003AFRZ, ISL85003AFRZ-T...
003A datasheet pdf download
ISL24813 Programmable 18-Channel x 2 Bank, 10-Bit TFT-LCD VREF Generator with Buffered VCOM Calibrator ISL24813 datasheet pdf download
5962-0620701 ±15kV ESD Protected, +3.3V, 1Microamp, 250kbps, RS-232 Transmitters/Receivers

Other parts:5962-0620701Q3A, 5962-0620702, 5962-0620702Q3A, 5962-0620703...
5962-0620701 datasheet pdf download
EL5162 500MHz Low Power Current Feedback Amplifiers with Enable

Other parts:EL5162IS, EL5162IS-T13, EL5162IS-T7, EL5162ISZ...
EL5162 datasheet pdf download
ISL55163 SOC Dual Channel 400MHz Pin Electronics/DAC/PMU

Other parts:ISL55163CRSZ
ISL55163 datasheet pdf download
2N3822 N-CHANNEL JFET 2N3822 datasheet pdf download
2N5196 Dual N-Channel JFET General Purpose Amplifier

Other parts:2N5197, 2N5198, 2N5199
2N5196 datasheet pdf download
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