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Other parts:USD840, USD845, USD850
USD835 datasheet pdf download
LC9.5 1500 Watt Low Capacitance TVS(Transient Voltage Supperssor

Other parts:LC9.5A
LC9.5 datasheet pdf download
ZL30143 SyncE SONET/SDH G.8262/Stratum3 System Synchronizer/SETS ZL30143 datasheet pdf download

Other parts:1N5284UR-1, 1N5285UR-1, 1N5286UR-1, 1N5287UR-1...
1N5283UR-1 datasheet pdf download
6509A Isolated Diode Array with HiRel MQ, MX, MV, and SP Screening Options

Other parts:MQ6509A, MV6509A, MX6509A, SP6509A...
6509A datasheet pdf download
LX6501 High Performance Multi-Lamp CCFL Controller

Other parts:LX6501IDW, LX6501IPW
LX6501 datasheet pdf download
MDS1100 1100 Watts, 50 Volts Pulsed Avionics at 1030 MHz MDS1100 datasheet pdf download
R5020PF Silicon Power Rectifier

Other parts:R5040PF, R5060PF, R5080PF, S5020PF...
R5020PF datasheet pdf download

Other parts:SG6100F, SG6101, SG6101J, SG6510...
SG6100 datasheet pdf download
UFR3010 Ultra Fast Recovery Rectifiers

Other parts:UFR3015, UFR3020, UFR3120, UFR3130...
UFR3010 datasheet pdf download
WMS512K8 512Kx8 MONOLITHIC SRAM, SMD 5962-95613

Other parts:WMS512K8-100CCE, WMS512K8-100CCEA, WMS512K8-100CIE, WMS512K8-100CIEA...
WMS512K8 datasheet pdf download
WS128K32-XG1UX 128K x 32 SRAM module, SMD 5962-93187 & 5962-95595

Other parts:WS128K32-XG2UX, WS128K32-XG4TX, WS128K32N, WS128K32N-100G1UC...
WS128K32-XG1UX datasheet pdf download
UF360 3A,600V-800V ultrafast rectifier in DO201AD package

Other parts:UF370, UF380
UF360 datasheet pdf download
UF350 3A,300V-500V ultrafast rectifier in DO201AD package. UF350 datasheet pdf download
UF330 3A,300V-500V ultrafast rectifier in DO201AD package. UF330 datasheet pdf download
UF340 3A,300V-500V ultrafast rectifier in DO201AD package. UF340 datasheet pdf download
UF870 8A,600V-800V ultrafast rectifier in TO220AC package UF870 datasheet pdf download
UFG110 1A,100V-200V ultrafast rectifier in DO41 glass hermetic package.

Other parts:UFG115, UFG120
UFG110 datasheet pdf download
LXM1620-01 DIRECT DRIVE DUAL LAMPCCFL INVERTER MODULE LXM1620-01 datasheet pdf download
UF510 5A, 100V-200V ularafast rectifier in DO201AD package.

Other parts:UF515, UF520
UF510 datasheet pdf download
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