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NXP Semiconductors. Datasheet List- 12

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BC856 PNP general purpose transistors

Other parts:BC856A, BC856B, BC857, BC857A...
BC856 datasheet pdf download
MMBZ10VAL Low capacitance unidirectional double ESD protection diodes

MMBZ10VAL datasheet pdf download
BAV20 General purpose diodes

Other parts:BAV21
BAV20 datasheet pdf download
2PB709ART 45 V, 100 mA PNP general-purpose transistor 2PB709ART datasheet pdf download
2PB709ARL 45 V, 100 mA PNP general-purpose transistors

Other parts:2PB709ARL/DG, 2PB709ASL, 2PB709ASL/DG
2PB709ARL datasheet pdf download
2PB709AQW PNP general purpose transistor

Other parts:2PB709ARW, 2PB709ASW, 2PB709AW
2PB709AQW datasheet pdf download
BF245A N-channel silicon field-effect transistors

Other parts:BF245B, BF245C
BF245A datasheet pdf download
MPSA42 NPN high-voltage transistors

Other parts:MPSA43
MPSA42 datasheet pdf download
PEMH20 NPN/NPN resistor-equipped transistors; R1 = 2.2 kΩ, R2 = 2.2 kΩ

Other parts:PUMH20
PEMH20 datasheet pdf download
PEMH24 NPN/NPN resistor-equipped transistors;R1 = 100 kΩ, R2 = 100 kΩ

Other parts:PUMH24
PEMH24 datasheet pdf download
BAT74V Schottky barrier double diode BAT74V datasheet pdf download
2PD601ARL 50 V, 100 mA NPN general-purpose transistors

Other parts:2PD601ARL/DG, 2PD601ASL, 2PD601ASL/DG
2PD601ARL datasheet pdf download
2PD601AQ NPN general purpose transistors; 50 V, 100 mA

Other parts:2PD601AQW, 2PD601AR, 2PD601ARW, 2PD601AS...
2PD601AQ datasheet pdf download
2PD1820A NPN general purpose transistor

Other parts:2PD1820AQ, 2PD1820AQ, 115, 2PD1820AR...
2PD1820A datasheet pdf download
2PC4081Q NPN general-purpose transistor

Other parts:2PC4081R, 2PC4081S
2PC4081Q datasheet pdf download
74ABT162244 16-bit buffer/line driver with 30 series termination resistors; 3-state

Other parts:74ABT162244DGG, 74ABT162244DL
74ABT162244 datasheet pdf download
74HC138 3-to-8 line decoder/demultiplexer; inverting

Other parts:74HC138-Q100, 74HC138BQ-Q100, 74HC138D-Q100, 74HC138PW-Q100...
74HC138 datasheet pdf download
74HC244BQ-Q100 Octal buffer/line driver; 3-state

Other parts:74HC244D-Q100, 74HC244PW-Q100, 74HCT244BQ-Q100, 74HCT244D-Q100...
74HC244BQ-Q100 datasheet pdf download
74HC595-Q100 8-bit serial-in, serial or parallel-out shift register with output latches; 3-state

Other parts:74HC595BQ-Q100, 74HC595D-Q100, 74HC595DB-Q100, 74HC595PW-Q100...
74HC595-Q100 datasheet pdf download
74HC04BQ-Q100 Hex inverter

Other parts:74HC04D-Q100, 74HC04DB-Q100, 74HC04PW-Q100, 74HCT04BQ-Q100...
74HC04BQ-Q100 datasheet pdf download
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