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NXP Semiconductors. Datasheet List- 14

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LH7A404 32-Bit System-on-Chip

Other parts:LH7A404-N0F-000, LH7A404-N0F-092
LH7A404 datasheet pdf download
MFEV710 Pegoda EV710 / Multiprotocol ISO/IEC 14443 and MIFARE operation MFEV710 datasheet pdf download
BB147 VHF variable capacitance diode / SOD323 very small plastic SMD package BB147 datasheet pdf download
74AHC374 Octal D-type flip-flop; positive edge-trigger; 3-state

Other parts:74AHC374D, 74AHC374PW, 74AHCT374, 74AHCT374D...
74AHC374 datasheet pdf download
74AHC132 Quad 2-input NAND Schmitt trigger

Other parts:74AHC132BQ, 74AHC132D, 74AHC132PW, 74AHCT132...
74AHC132 datasheet pdf download
P5CC021 Secure dual interface and contact PKI smart card controller

Other parts:P5CC021UA, P5CC021XS, P5CC040, P5CC040UA...
P5CC021 datasheet pdf download
BUK9506-55B N-channel TrenchMOS FET / TO-220AB Pakage BUK9506-55B datasheet pdf download
PCT2075 I2C-bus Fm+, 1 degree C accuracy, digital temperature sensor and thermal watchdog

Other parts:PCT2075D, PCT2075DP, PCT2075DP/Q900, PCT2075GV...
PCT2075 datasheet pdf download
PB5350 50 V low VCEsat PNP transistor / SOT223 Package

Other parts:PBSS5350Z
PB5350 datasheet pdf download
PSMN3R0-30YLD N-channel 30 V, 3.0 mΩ logic level MOSFET in LFPAK56 using NextPowerS3 Technology PSMN3R0-30YLD datasheet pdf download
CLF1G0035-100 Broadband RF power GaN HEMT

Other parts:CLF1G0035S-100
CLF1G0035-100 datasheet pdf download
204S8E 3Q Hi-Com Triac / Triac BTA204S-800E SOT-252 marking 204S8E 204S8E datasheet pdf download
MFRC522 Standard 3V MIFARE reader solution

Other parts:MFRC52201HN1, MFRC52201HN1/TRAYB, MFRC52201HN1/TRAYBM, MFRC52202HN1...
MFRC522 datasheet pdf download
LPC1774FBD144 32-bit ARM Cortex-M3 microcontroller; up to 512 kB flash and 6 kB SRAM; USB Device/Host/OTG; Ethernet; LCD; EMC

Other parts:LPC1774FBD208, LPC1776FBD208, LPC1776FET180, LPC1777FBD208...
LPC1774FBD144 datasheet pdf download
LPC1110FD20 32-bit ARM Cortex-M0 microcontroller; up to 64 kB flash and 8 kB SRAM / LQFP48 package, HVQFN33 package, and TFBGA48 package

Other parts:LPC1111FDH20/002, LPC1111FHN33/102, LPC1111FHN33/103, LPC1111FHN33/202...
LPC1110FD20 datasheet pdf download
TEA5767 Low-power FM stereo radio for handheld applications

Other parts:TEA5767HN
TEA5767 datasheet pdf download
BAV23 Dual high-voltage switching diodes

Other parts:BAV23A, BAV23C, BAV23S
BAV23 datasheet pdf download
BLF2425M8L140 Power LDMOS transistor

Other parts:BLF2425M8LS140
BLF2425M8L140 datasheet pdf download
PUSB3TB6 ESD protection for ultra high-speed interfaces / Plastic extremely thin small outline package PUSB3TB6 datasheet pdf download
PSMN1R0-30YLD N-channel 30 V, 1.0 m Ohm logic level MOSFET in LFPAK56 using NextPowerS3 Technology PSMN1R0-30YLD datasheet pdf download
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