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NXP Semiconductors. Datasheet List- 19

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74LVC1G00 Single 2-input NAND gate

Other parts:74LVC1G00GF, 74LVC1G00GM, 74LVC1G00GN, 74LVC1G00GS...
74LVC1G00 datasheet pdf download
74LVC1G02GF Single 2-input NOR gate

Other parts:74LVC1G02GM, 74LVC1G02GV, 74LVC1G02GW, 74LVC1G02...
74LVC1G02GF datasheet pdf download
74LVC1G07 Buffer with open-drain output

Other parts:74LVC1G07GF, 74LVC1G07GM, 74LVC1G07GN, 74LVC1G07GS...
74LVC1G07 datasheet pdf download
74LVC1G07-Q100 Buffer with open-drain output

Other parts:74LVC1G07GW-Q100, 74LVC1G07GV-Q100
74LVC1G07-Q100 datasheet pdf download
74LVC1G08 Single 2-input AND gate

Other parts:74LVC1G08GF, 74LVC1G08GM, 74LVC1G08GN, 74LVC1G08GS...
74LVC1G08 datasheet pdf download
74LVC1G08-Q100 Single 2-input AND gate

Other parts:74LVC1G08GW-Q100, 74LVC1G08GV-Q100
74LVC1G08-Q100 datasheet pdf download
74LVC1G10 Single 3-input NAND gate

Other parts:74LVC1G10GF, 74LVC1G10GM, 74LVC1G10GV, 74LVC1G10GW...
74LVC1G10 datasheet pdf download
74LVC1G125 Bus buffer/line driver; 3-state

Other parts:74LVC1G125GF, 74LVC1G125GM, 74LVC1G125GN, 74LVC1G125GS...
74LVC1G125 datasheet pdf download
74LVC16244A 16-bit buffer/line driver; 5 V input/output tolerant; 3-state

Other parts:74LVC16244ABX, 74LVC16244ADGG, 74LVC16244ADL, 74LVC16244AEV...
74LVC16244A datasheet pdf download
74LVC14A Hex inverting Schmitt trigger with 5 V tolerant input

Other parts:74LVC14ABQ, 74LVC14AD, 74LVC14ADB, 74LVC14APW...
74LVC14A datasheet pdf download
74LVC1G126 Bus buffer/line driver; 3-state

Other parts:74LVC1G126GF, 74LVC1G126GM, 74LVC1G126GN, 74LVC1G126GS...
74LVC1G126 datasheet pdf download
74LVC1G14 Single Schmitt-trigger inverter

Other parts:74LVC1G14GW, 74LVC1G14GV, 74LVC1G14GM, 74LVC1G14GF...
74LVC1G14 datasheet pdf download
74LVC1G17 Single Schmitt trigger buffer

Other parts:74LVC1G17GW, 74LVC1G17GV, 74LVC1G17GM, 74LVC1G17GF...
74LVC1G17 datasheet pdf download
74LVC1G175 Single D-type flip-flop with reset; positive-edge trigger

Other parts:74LVC1G175GF, 74LVC1G175GM, 74LVC1G175GV, 74LVC1G175GW...
74LVC1G175 datasheet pdf download
74LVC1G384 Bilateral switch

Other parts:74LVC1G384GF, 74LVC1G384GM, 74LVC1G384GV, 74LVC1G384GW...
74LVC1G384 datasheet pdf download
74LVC1G57 Low-power configurablemultiple function gate

Other parts:74LVC1G57GF, 74LVC1G57GM, 74LVC1G57GN, 74LVC1G57GS...
74LVC1G57 datasheet pdf download
74LVC1G58 Low-power configurable multiple function gate

Other parts:74LVC1G58GF, 74LVC1G58GM, 74LVC1G58GV, 74LVC1G58GW...
74LVC1G58 datasheet pdf download
74LVC1G66 Bilateral switch

Other parts:74LVC1G66GF, 74LVC1G66GM, 74LVC1G66GV, 74LVC1G66GW...
74LVC1G66 datasheet pdf download
74LVC1G74 Single D-type flip-flop with set and reset; positive edge trigger

Other parts:74LVC1G74DC, 74LVC1G74DP, 74LVC1G74GD, 74LVC1G74GF...
74LVC1G74 datasheet pdf download
74LVC1G80 Single D-type flip-flop; positive-edge trigger

Other parts:74LVC1G80GF, 74LVC1G80GM, 74LVC1G80GV, 74LVC1G80GW...
74LVC1G80 datasheet pdf download
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