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NXP Semiconductors. Datasheet List- 3

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BAV756S High-speed switching diodes

Other parts:BAW56, BAW56M, BAW56S, BAW56T...
BAV756S datasheet pdf download
TDF8556AJ Audio amplifier circuit

Other parts:TDF8556AJ/N3
TDF8556AJ datasheet pdf download
9557 8-bit I2C-bus and SMBus I/O port with reset

Other parts:PCA9557, PCA9557BS, PCA9557D, PCA9557PW...
9557 datasheet pdf download
TDA8948J 4-channel audio amplifier

Other parts:TDA8948J/N1112
TDA8948J datasheet pdf download
PN544 Near field communication (NFC) controller PN544 datasheet pdf download
TDA4865AJ Vertical deflection booster

Other parts:TDA4865J
TDA4865AJ datasheet pdf download
TDA9341 Eeprom TDA9341 / DIP 64PIN

Other parts:TDA9341PS, TDA9341PS/N3/3/1537
TDA9341 datasheet pdf download
TDA8932 Class-D audio amplifier

Other parts:TDA8932T, TDA8932T-T, TDA8932T/N1118, TDA8932T/N1112...
TDA8932 datasheet pdf download
BLF245 VHF power MOS transistor BLF245 datasheet pdf download
PESDXS2UQ Double ESD protection diodes in SOT663 package

PESDXS2UQ datasheet pdf download
74LVC16241ADG 16-bit buffer/line driver with 5 V tolerant inputs/outputs; 3-state

Other parts:74LVC16241ADG-T, 74LVC16241ADGG, 74LVC16241ADL, 74LVC16241ADL-T...
74LVC16241ADG datasheet pdf download
74LVC16374A 16-bit edge-triggered D-type flip-flop; 5 V tolerant; 3-state

Other parts:74LVC16374ABQ, 74LVC16374ABX, 74LVC16374ADGG, 74LVC16374ADGG...
74LVC16374A datasheet pdf download
74LVT162244BDGG 3.3 V 16-bit buffer/driver with 30 Ohm termination resistors

Other parts:74LVT162244BDL, VT162244BDGG, VT162244BDL
74LVT162244BDGG datasheet pdf download
74LVT162245B 3.3V LVT 16-bit transceiver with 30Ω termination resistors (3-State)

Other parts:74LVT162245BDGG, 74LVT162245BDGG, 11, 74LVT162245BDGG...
74LVT162245B datasheet pdf download
74HC00 Quad 2-input NAND gate

Other parts:74HCT00, 74HC00N, 74HCT00N, 74HC00D...
74HC00 datasheet pdf download
BSS138P 60 V, 360 mA N-channel Trench MOSFET BSS138P datasheet pdf download
BSS138BKW 60 V, 320 mA N-channel Trench MOSFET BSS138BKW datasheet pdf download
BSS138BK 60 V, 360 mA N-channel Trench MOSFET BSS138BK datasheet pdf download
BSS138PW 60 V, 320 mA N-channel Trench MOSFET BSS138PW datasheet pdf download
BT132 Triacs logic level

Other parts:BT132-600D, BT132-500D
BT132 datasheet pdf download
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