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NXP Semiconductors. Datasheet List- 5

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BUJ103AD Silicon diffused power transistor BUJ103AD datasheet pdf download
BYV410-600 Enhanced ultrafast dual rectifier diode BYV410-600 datasheet pdf download
BYV410X-600 Enhanced Ultrafast Dual Rectifier Diode BYV410X-600 datasheet pdf download
BZX284 Voltage regulator diodes

Other parts:BZX284-B10, BZX284-B11, BZX284-B12, BZX284-B13...
BZX284 datasheet pdf download
BZX79 Voltage regulator diodes

Other parts:BZX79-B/C15, BZX79-B/C75, BZX79-B15, BZX79-C15...
BZX79 datasheet pdf download
BZX84B1 Voltage regulator diodes BZX84B1 datasheet pdf download
74HC4052BQ Dual 4-channel analog multiplexer/demultiplexer

Other parts:74HC4052D, 74HC4052DB, 74HC4052N, 74HC4052PW...
74HC4052BQ datasheet pdf download
4093B Quadruple 2-input NAND Schmitt trigger

Other parts:4093BP, 4093BT, HEF4093B, HEF4093BP...
4093B datasheet pdf download
4051 8-channel analogue multiplexer/demultiplexer

Other parts:4051B, HEF4051B, HEF4051BD, HEF4051BP...
4051 datasheet pdf download
HEF4069 Hex inverter

Other parts:HEF4069UB, HEF4069UBP, HEF4069UBP, 652...
HEF4069 datasheet pdf download
HEF4894B 12-stage shift-and-store register LED driver

Other parts:HEF4894BP, HEF4894BT, HEF4894BTT
HEF4894B datasheet pdf download
HEF4528B Dual monostable multivibrator

Other parts:HEF4528BP, HEF4528BP, 652, HEF4528BT...
HEF4528B datasheet pdf download
KMZ60 Angle sensor with integrated amplifier

Other parts:115
KMZ60 datasheet pdf download
LM75A Digital temperature sensor and thermal Watchdog

Other parts:LM75AD, LM75ADP, LM75AD, 112...
LM75A datasheet pdf download
LM75B Digital temperature sensor and thermal watchdog

Other parts:LM75BD, LM75BD, LM75BDP...
LM75B datasheet pdf download
PBHV8115T 150 V, 1 A NPN high-voltage low VCEsat (BISS) transistor PBHV8115T datasheet pdf download
PBHV9040T 500 V, 0.25 A PNP high-voltage low VCEsat (BISS) transistor PBHV9040T datasheet pdf download
4350SPN 50 V, 2.7 A NPN/PNP low VCEsat(BISS) transistor

Other parts:PBSS4350SPN
4350SPN datasheet pdf download
PCA9535 16-bit I2C-bus and SMBus, low power I/O port with interrupt

Other parts:PCA9535BS, PCA9535C, PCA9535CD, PCA9535CHF...
PCA9535 datasheet pdf download
PDTC143E PNP resistor-equipped transistor / R1 = 4.7 k Ohm, R2 = 4.7 k Ohm

Other parts:PDTC143EE, PDTC143EM, PDTC143ET, PDTC143EU...
PDTC143E datasheet pdf download
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