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ON Semiconductor Datasheet List- 1

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1N957B 500 mW DO-35 Hermetically Sealed Glass Zener Voltage Regulators

Other parts:1N958B, 1N959B, 1N960B, 1N961B...
1N957B datasheet pdf download
MC74HC138A_05 1-of-8 Decoder/Demultiplexer with LSTTL Compatible Inputs

Other parts:MC74HCT138ADG_05, MC74HCT138ADR2G_05, MC74HCT138ADR2_05, MC74HCT138ADTR2_05...
MC74HC138A_05 datasheet pdf download

Other parts:1N5817G, 1N5817RL, 1N5817RLG, 1N5818...
1N5817 datasheet pdf download
MC14040BCPG 12-Bit Binary Counter

Other parts:MC14040BDG, MC14040BDR2G, MC14040BDTR2, MC14040BFL1...
MC14040BCPG datasheet pdf download
MC74HC4040A 12-Stage Binary Ripple Counter

Other parts:MC74HC4040ADG, MC74HC4040ADR2G, MC74HC4040ADTR2G, MC74HC4040A_14...
MC74HC4040A datasheet pdf download
CD4020B 14-Bit Binary Counter

Other parts:MC14020, MC14020B, MC14020BCP, MC14020BCPG...
CD4020B datasheet pdf download
1.5KE100CA 1500 Watt Mosorb™ Zener Transient Voltage Suppressors

Other parts:1.5KE10CA, 1.5KE110CA, 1.5KE11CA, 1.5KE120CA...
1.5KE100CA datasheet pdf download
ZO109MA TRIACS 1.0 AMPERE RMS 600 VOLTS ZO109MA datasheet pdf download

Other parts:MBR20100CT, MBRB20100CT, MBRF20100CT, MBRF20100CTG...
B20100G datasheet pdf download
MMBZ5222B D:작업폴더

Other parts:MMBZ5224B, MMBZ5225B, MMBZ5258B, MMBZ5259B...
MMBZ5222B datasheet pdf download
SN74LS365A 3-State Hex Buffers

Other parts:SN74LS365AD, SN74LS365ADR2, SN74LS365AN, SN74LS367A...
SN74LS365A datasheet pdf download
BZX84 Zener Voltage Regulators

Other parts:BZX84B9V1LT1G, T3G, BZX84C33LT1/T3G
BZX84 datasheet pdf download
2N4403 PNP silicon planar epitaxial transistor

Other parts:2N4403G, 2N4403RL, 2N4403RLG, 2N4403RLRA...
2N4403 datasheet pdf download
74LS68 8-Bit Magnitude Comparitors

Other parts:74LS682, SN74LS682, SN74LS682DW, SN74LS682N...
74LS68 datasheet pdf download
MC14532BF 8-Bit Priority Encoder

Other parts:MC14532BFEL, MC14532BFR1, MC14532BFR2
MC14532BF datasheet pdf download
MC74HC165ADT 8-Bit Serial or Parallel-Input Serial-Output Shift Register

Other parts:MC74HC165AFL1, MC74HC165AFL2, MC74HC165AFR1, MC74HC165AFR2...
MC74HC165ADT datasheet pdf download
MC74HC589AD 8-Bit Serial or Parallel-Input/Serial-Output Shift Register with 3-State Output

Other parts:MC74HC589ADG_13, MC74HC589ADR2, MC74HC589ADR2G_13, MC74HC589ADT...
MC74HC589AD datasheet pdf download
MC74HC164ADT 8−Bit Serial−Input/Parallel−Output Shift Register

Other parts:MC74HC164ADTEL, MC74HC164AF, MC74HC164AFR1, MC74HC164AFR2...
MC74HC164ADT datasheet pdf download
MC54HC4501 Analog Multiplexers/Demultiplexers

Other parts:MC54HC4501J, MC54HC4503, MC54HC4503J, MC74HC4051/D...
MC54HC4501 datasheet pdf download
MC10H164ML1 8−Line Multiplexer

Other parts:MC10H164ML2, MC10H164MR1, MC10H164FN, MC10H164FNG...
MC10H164ML1 datasheet pdf download
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