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ON Semiconductor Datasheet List- 12

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NCV317BD2TG* 1.5A Adjustable Output, Positive Voltage Regulator

Other parts:NCV317BD2TR4G*, NCV317BTG*
NCV317BD2TG* datasheet pdf download
2N2222 Amplifier Transistors

Other parts:P2N2222A, P2N2222AG, P2N2222ARL1G...
2N2222 datasheet pdf download
BAV102 Single general-purpose switching diodes

Other parts:BAV103
BAV102 datasheet pdf download
MMSZ5221 Zener Voltage Regulators - 500 mW SOD−123 Surface Mount

Other parts:MMSZ5221ET1G, MMSZ5223, MMSZ5223ET1G, MMSZ5226...
MMSZ5221 datasheet pdf download
14053B Analog Multiplexers/Demultiplexers 14053B datasheet pdf download
74HC00 Quad 2-Input NAND Gate - High−Performance Silicon−Gate CMOS

Other parts:74HC00ADG, 74HC00ADR2G, 74HC00ADTR2G, 74HC00D...
74HC00 datasheet pdf download
80SQ045 Axial Lead Rectifier

Other parts:80SQ045N, 80SQ045NG, 80SQ045NRL, 80SQ045NRLG...
80SQ045 datasheet pdf download
CAT6217 150 mA CMOS LDO Regulator

Other parts:CAT6217-150TDGT3, CAT6217-180TDGT3, CAT6217-250TDGT3, CAT6217-280TDGT3...
CAT6217 datasheet pdf download
MMSZ27T1G/T3 Zener Voltage Regulators

Other parts:MMSZ30T1G, MMSZ33T1G, MMSZ36T1G, MMSZ39T1G...
MMSZ27T1G/T3 datasheet pdf download
P1014AP NCP1014AP, P1014AP / Self-Supplied Monolithic Switcher for Low Standby Power Offline SMPS P1014AP datasheet pdf download
NTD40N03R Power MOSFET 45 Amps, 25 Volts N−Channel DPAK

Other parts:NTD40N03R-1, NTD40N03R-1G, NTD40N03RG, NTD40N03RT4...
NTD40N03R datasheet pdf download
MBRB40250T 250 V, 40 A SWITCHMODE Schottky Power Rectifier MBRB40250T datasheet pdf download
SCH1433 N-Channel Power Mosfet 20V, 3.5A 64mOhm, Single SCH6

Other parts:SCH1433-TL-H
SCH1433 datasheet pdf download
BAW56M3T5G Dual Switching Diode Common Anode BAW56M3T5G datasheet pdf download
NTMD3N08LR2 Power MOSFET 2.3 Amps, 80 Volts NTMD3N08LR2 datasheet pdf download
NTR0202PLT1 Power Mosfet - −20 V, −400 mA, P−Channel, SOT−23 Package

Other parts:NTR0202PLT3, NTR0202PLT3G
NTR0202PLT1 datasheet pdf download
NBSG11BAEVB 2.5V/3.3V SiGe 1:2 Differential Clock Driver with RSECL* Outputs

NBSG11BAEVB datasheet pdf download
1N6282 1500 Watt Mosorb Zener Transient Voltage Suppressors

Other parts:1N6283, 1N6284, 1N6285, 1N6286...
1N6282 datasheet pdf download
NSI45025T1G Constant Current Regulator & LED Driver NSI45025T1G datasheet pdf download
NUF2221W1T2 USB Upstream Terminator with ESD Protection NUF2221W1T2 datasheet pdf download
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