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ON Semiconductor Datasheet List- 13

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NUF6105FCT1 6-Channel EMI Filter with Integrated ESD Protection

Other parts:NUF6105FCT1G
NUF6105FCT1 datasheet pdf download
MMBT2907AL General Purpose Transistors PNP Silicon

Other parts:SMMBT2907AL, SMMBT2907ALT1G, SMMBT2907ALT3G
MMBT2907AL datasheet pdf download
NZ9F10VST5G NZ9F5V1S: 5.1 V, 200 mW Zener Diode Voltage Regulator 2% Tolerance

Other parts:NZ9F11VST5G, NZ9F12VST5G, NZ9F13VST5G, NZ9F15VST5G...
NZ9F10VST5G datasheet pdf download
1N4933 Axial−Lead Fast−Recovery Rectifiers

Other parts:1N4933G, 1N4933RL, 1N4933RLG, 1N4934...
1N4933 datasheet pdf download
IN4001 Axial Lead Standard Recovery Rectifiers / Pb−Free Packages are Available / Axial Lead plastic

Other parts:IN4002, IN4003, IN4004, IN4005...
IN4001 datasheet pdf download
MBR0540T1 Surface Mount Schottky Power Rectifier

Other parts:MBR0540T1G, MBR0540T3, MBR0540T3G, NRVB0540T1G...
MBR0540T1 datasheet pdf download
NE5532 Internally Compensated Dual Low Noise Operational Amplifier

Other parts:NE5532A, SA5532, SE5532, SE5532A...
NE5532 datasheet pdf download
LM2594 0.5 A, Step-Down Switching Regulator

Other parts:LM2594DADJG, LM2594DADJR2G, LM2594PADJG
LM2594 datasheet pdf download
1203P60 NCP1203D60R2G -> 1203P60 / SOIC−8 or PDIP−8 package

Other parts:NCP1203D, NCP1203D100R2G, NCP1203D40R2G, NCP1203D60R2G...
1203P60 datasheet pdf download
2N7002L Small Signal MOSFET 115 mAmps, 60 Volts / N–Channel SOT–23

Other parts:2N7002LT1, 2N7002LT1G, 2N7002LT1H, 2N7002LT3...
2N7002L datasheet pdf download
SN74LS138D 1-of-8 Decoder/Demultiplexer

Other parts:SN74LS138N, SN74LS138, 74138, ON2824...
SN74LS138D datasheet pdf download
LM2575 1.0 A, Adjustable Output Voltage, Step-Down Switching Regulator

Other parts:LM2575D2T-005, LM2575D2T-012, LM2575D2T-012G, LM2575D2T-015...
LM2575 datasheet pdf download
MAC997 Sensitive Gate Triacs Silicon Bidirectional Thyristors

Other parts:MAC997A6, MAC997A6RLRP, MAC997A8, MAC997A8RLRP...
MAC997 datasheet pdf download
MAX809 Very Low Supply Current 3-Pin Microprocessor Reset Monitors / MAX809 Series, MAX810 Series

Other parts:MAX809HTRG, MAX809JTRG, MAX809LTR, MAX809LTRG...
MAX809 datasheet pdf download
MC14562 128-Bit Static Shift Register

Other parts:MC14562B, MC14562BCP
MC14562 datasheet pdf download
MC74HC157A Quad 2-Input Data Selectors/Multiplexers

Other parts:MC74HC157ADG, MC74HC157ADR2G, MC74HC157ADTR2G, NLV74HC157ADR2G...
MC74HC157A datasheet pdf download
MC74HCT125A Quad 3-State Noninverting Buffer with LSTTL Compatible Inputs High−Performance Silicon−Gate CMOS

Other parts:MC74HCT125ADG, MC74HCT125ADR2G, MC74HCT125ADTG, MC74HCT125ADTR2G...
MC74HCT125A datasheet pdf download

Other parts:MC79L12C, MC79L15C, MC79L18C, MC79L24C...
MC79L05C datasheet pdf download

Other parts:JE13003G, MJE13003, MJE13003B, MJE13003G...
JE13003 datasheet pdf download
MMBT3904L General Purpose Transistor(PNP Silicon)

Other parts:MMBT3904LT1, MMBT3904LT1G, MMBT3904LT3G, SMMBT3904L...
MMBT3904L datasheet pdf download
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