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ON Semiconductor Datasheet List- 14

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7447 BCD to 7-Segment Decoder / Driver

Other parts:74LS47, 74LS47D, 74LS47N, SN74LS47...
7447 datasheet pdf download
BCW72 General Purpose Transistor - NPN Silicon

Other parts:BCW72LT1G, SBCW72, SBCW72LT1G
BCW72 datasheet pdf download
NTR4003 Small Signal MOSFET

Other parts:NTR4003NT1G, NTR4003NT3G, NVR4003NT3G
NTR4003 datasheet pdf download
BAV99LT1G Dual Series Switching Diode

Other parts:BAV99LT3G, SBAV99LT1G, SBAV99LT3G
BAV99LT1G datasheet pdf download
BAV74LT1G Monolithic Dual Switching Diode

Other parts:BAV74LT3G
BAV74LT1G datasheet pdf download
ZO103MA TRIACS 1.0 AMPERE RMS 600 VOLTS ZO103MA datasheet pdf download
CAT25010 1-Kb, 2-Kb and 4-Kb SPI Serial CMOS EEPROM / 20 MHz (5 V) SPI Compatible

Other parts:CAT25010HU4E-GT3, CAT25010HU4I-GT3, CAT25010LE-G, CAT25010LI-G...
CAT25010 datasheet pdf download
TY72011 Single Ended PWM Controller Featuring QR Operation and Soft Frequency Foldback

Other parts:TY72011AP2, TY72011AP2G
TY72011 datasheet pdf download
MTY30N50E Power MOSFET 30 Amps, 500 Volts, RDS(on)= 150 m ohm / N−Channel TO−264

Other parts:TY30N50E
MTY30N50E datasheet pdf download
MC74LVX4066 Quad Analog Switch/Multiplexer/Demultiplexer - High−Performance Silicon−Gate CMOS

Other parts:MC74LVX4066D, MC74LVX4066DT, MC74LVX4066M
MC74LVX4066 datasheet pdf download
3EZ10D5 3 Watt DO−41 Surmetic 30 Zener Voltage Regulators

Other parts:3EZ13D5, 3EZ15D5, 3EZ16D5, 3EZ18D5...
3EZ10D5 datasheet pdf download
MMBT4403L Switching Transistor PNP Silicon

Other parts:MMBT4403LT1G, MMBT4403LT3G, SMMBT4403L, SMMBT4403LT1G...
MMBT4403L datasheet pdf download
MMBT4401M3T5G NPN Switching Transistor MMBT4401M3T5G datasheet pdf download
BC546 Amplifier Transistors NPN Silicon

Other parts:BC547, BC548
BC546 datasheet pdf download
MMBTA63LT1 Darlington Transistors

MMBTA63LT1 datasheet pdf download
J110 JFET − General Purpose N−Channel − Depletion

Other parts:J110G, J110RLRA, J110RLRAG
J110 datasheet pdf download
MMSZ4690T1G/T3G Zener Voltage Regulators 500 mW SOD−123 Surface Mount

Other parts:MMSZ4703T1G, MMSZ4712T1G
MMSZ4690T1G/T3G datasheet pdf download
BDX33B Darlington Complementary Silicon Power Transistors

Other parts:BDX33BG, BDX33C, BDX33CG, BDX34B...
BDX33B datasheet pdf download
SMMBT5551L High Voltage Transistors NPN Silicon SMMBT5551L datasheet pdf download
BC817-16L General Purpose Transistors NPN Silicon

Other parts:BC817-16LT1, BC817-16LT1G, BC817-16LT3, BC817-16LT3G...
BC817-16L datasheet pdf download
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