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Philips Electronics Datasheet List- 1

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TDA1015T 0.5 W audio power amplifier TDA1015T datasheet pdf download
SA611 1GHz low voltage LNA and mixer

Other parts:SA611DK
SA611 datasheet pdf download
TDA7052 1 W BTL mono audio amplifier

Other parts:TDA7052/N2, TDA7052A, TDA7052A/N2, TDA7052AT...
TDA7052 datasheet pdf download
TDA1015 1 to 4 W audio power amplifier

Other parts:TDA1015/N3
TDA1015 datasheet pdf download
HEF4028B 1-of-10 decoder

Other parts:HEF4028BD, HEF4028BDB, HEF4028BDF, HEF4028BF...
HEF4028B datasheet pdf download
74F154 1-of-16 decoder/demultiplexer

Other parts:N74F154D, N74F154N
74F154 datasheet pdf download
74F538 1-of-8 decoder (3-State)

Other parts:N74F538D, N74F538N
74F538 datasheet pdf download
TSA5515T 1.3 GHz bi-directional I2C-bus controlled synthesizer

Other parts:TSA5515T/C1
TSA5515T datasheet pdf download
TSA5526 1.3 GHz universal bus-controlled TV synthesizer.

Other parts:TSA5526AM, TSA5526AT, TSA5526M, TSA5526T...
TSA5526 datasheet pdf download
TSA5520 1.3 GHz universal bus-controlled TV synthesizer; 3-wire

Other parts:TSA5520M, TSA5520M/C3, TSA5520M/C3/R1, TSA5520M/C4...
TSA5520 datasheet pdf download
SA7026DK 1.3GHz low voltage fractional-N dual frequency synthesizer SA7026DK datasheet pdf download
TSA5522M 1.4 GHz I2C-bus controlled synthesizer

Other parts:TSA5522T, TSA5522
TSA5522M datasheet pdf download
TDA8941 1.5 W mono Bridge Tied Load (BTL) audio amplifier

Other parts:TDA8941P
TDA8941 datasheet pdf download
TEA5551T 1-chip AM radio

Other parts:TEA5551T/N2
TEA5551T datasheet pdf download
AM6012 12-Bit multiplying D/A converter

Other parts:AM6012F, AM6012D
AM6012 datasheet pdf download
BA220 High-speed diode BA220 datasheet pdf download
TDA8786 10-bit analog-to-digital interface for CCD cameras.

Other parts:TDA8786A, TDA8786AG/C1, TDA8786AG/C1/R1, TDA8786AG/C2...
TDA8786 datasheet pdf download
CBT6800 10-bit bus switch with precharged outputs for live insertion

Other parts:CBT6800PWDH
CBT6800 datasheet pdf download
TDA8763A 10-bit high-speed low-power ADC

Other parts:TDA8763AM, TDA8763AM/3, TDA8763AM/3/C4, TDA8763AM/4...
TDA8763A datasheet pdf download
TDA8763M 10-bit high-speed low-power ADC with internal reference regulator

Other parts:TDA8763M/3/C1, TDA8763M/3/C3, TDA8763M/3/C4, TDA8763M/4/C3...
TDA8763M datasheet pdf download
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