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Philips Electronics Datasheet List- 11

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TDA4662 Baseband delay line

Other parts:TDA4662/V2, TDA4662T
TDA4662 datasheet pdf download
AM26LS30 Dual differential RS-422 party line/quad single-ended RS-423 line driver

Other parts:AM26LS30CA, AM26LS30CD, AM26LS30CN, AM26LS30ID...
AM26LS30 datasheet pdf download
TDA7040 Low voltage PLL stereo decoder

Other parts:TDA7040T
TDA7040 datasheet pdf download
TDA2614 6 W hi-fi audio power amplifier

Other parts:TDA2614/N1
TDA2614 datasheet pdf download
TDA8943 6 W mono Bridge Tied Load (BTL) audio amplifier

Other parts:TDA8943SF, TDA8943SF/N1, 112
TDA8943 datasheet pdf download
TDA8020 Dual IC card interface

Other parts:TDA8020HL, TDA8020HL/C1, TDA8020HL/C2
TDA8020 datasheet pdf download
BS170 N-channel vertical D-MOS transistor BS170 datasheet pdf download
2N2484 NPN general purpose transistor 2N2484 datasheet pdf download
27C040 4 MEG CMOS EPROM (512K x 8)

Other parts:27C040-15FA, 27C040-15N, 27C040-20FA, 27C040-20N...
27C040 datasheet pdf download
PCD4440T Analog voice scrambler/descrambler PCD4440T datasheet pdf download
TEA5500 Coded locking circuit for security systems

Other parts:TEA5500T, TEA5501
TEA5500 datasheet pdf download
TDA8708 Video analog input interface

Other parts:TDA8708/C2, TDA8708A, TDA8708A/C1, TDA8708AT...
TDA8708 datasheet pdf download
2N2222 NPN switching transistors / 2N2222 Datasheet

Other parts:2N2222A
2N2222 datasheet pdf download
TDA9150 Programmable deflection controller

Other parts:TDA9150B
TDA9150 datasheet pdf download
TDA8373 I2C-bus controlled economy PAL/NTSC and NTSC TV-processors

Other parts:TDA8374, TDA8374A, TDA8374AH, TDA8374B...
TDA8373 datasheet pdf download
74F166 8-bit bidirectional universal shift register

Other parts:I74F166D, I74F166N, N74F166D, N74F166N...
74F166 datasheet pdf download
MC1408-8D 8-Bit D/A Converter

Other parts:MC1408-8F, MC1408-8N, MC1508-8, MC1508-8F...
MC1408-8D datasheet pdf download
TDA8714 8-bit high-speed analog-to-digital converter

Other parts:TDA8714/4/C1, TDA8714/4/C1/R1, TDA8714M, TDA8714M/4...
TDA8714 datasheet pdf download
DAC-08AF 8-Bit high-speed multiplying D/A converter

Other parts:DAC-08AQF, DAC-08CF, DAC-08CN, DAC-08CQF...
DAC-08AF datasheet pdf download
74HC688 8-bit magnitude comparator

Other parts:74HC688D, 74HC688DB, 74HC688N, 74HC688PW...
74HC688 datasheet pdf download
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