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Philips Electronics Datasheet List- 16

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BUK866-400IZ Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor Protected Logic-Level IGBT BUK866-400IZ datasheet pdf download
TDA1001 Interface and noise suppression circuit for FM receivers

Other parts:TDA1001B, TDA1001BT
TDA1001 datasheet pdf download
NE5532NB Internally-compensated dual low noise operational amplifier NE5532NB datasheet pdf download
NE5532 Internally-compensated dual low noise operational amplifier

Other parts:NE5532A, NE5532AD8, NE5532AF, NE5532AN...
NE5532 datasheet pdf download
74HC4017 Johnson decade counter with 10 decoded outputs

Other parts:74HC4017N, 74HC4017PW, 74HCT4017, 74HCT4017D...
74HC4017 datasheet pdf download
74ALS573B Latch flip–flop

Other parts:74ALS573BD, 74ALS573BDB, 74ALS573BN, 74ALS574A...
74ALS573B datasheet pdf download
PCF8577C LCD direct/duplex driver with I2C-bus interface

Other parts:PCF8577CP, PCF8577CP/F2, PCF8577CP/F3, PCF8577CT...
PCF8577C datasheet pdf download
UBA1702 Line interrupter driver and ringer.

Other parts:UBA1702A, UBA1702A/C1, UBA1702AT, UBA1702AT/C1...
UBA1702 datasheet pdf download
NE614A Low power FM IF system

Other parts:NE614AD, NE614AN, SA614A, SA614AD...
NE614A datasheet pdf download
P87LPC764BD/01 Low power, low price, low pin count (20 pin) microcontroller with 4 kbyte OTP

Other parts:P87LPC764BDH/01, P87LPC764FDH, P87LPC764HDH
P87LPC764BD/01 datasheet pdf download
P87LPC768 Low power, low price, low pin count (20 pin) microcontroller with 4 kB OTP 8-bit A/D,and Pulse Width Modulator

Other parts:P87LPC768BD, P87LPC768BN, P87LPC768FD...
P87LPC768 datasheet pdf download
SA5750N Low Voltage Compandor

Other parts:SA575AD, SA575D, SA575N
SA5750N datasheet pdf download
SA1620 Low voltage GSM front-end transceiver

Other parts:SA1620BE
SA1620 datasheet pdf download
SA2420 Low voltage RF transceiver — 2.45GHz

Other parts:SA2420DH
SA2420 datasheet pdf download
TEA1064B Low voltage versatile telephone transmission circuit with dialler interface and transmit level dynamic limiting

Other parts:TEA1064B/C1, TEA1064BT, TEA1064BT/C1
TEA1064B datasheet pdf download
UDA1320ATS/N2 Low-cost stereo filter DAC

Other parts:UDA1330ATS, UDA1330ATS/N1, UDA1330ATS/N2
UDA1320ATS/N2 datasheet pdf download
BAS45A Low-leakage diode

Other parts:BAS45AL
BAS45A datasheet pdf download
UMA1014 Low-power frequency synthesizer for mobile radio communications

Other parts:UMA1014T, UMA1014T/C2
UMA1014 datasheet pdf download
P87CL881H Low-voltage microcontroller with 63-kbyte OTP program memory and 2-kbyte RAM / LQFP44 Package

Other parts:P87CL881H/000, P87CL881H/000/1, P87CL881H/001/1, P87CL881H/XXX...
P87CL881H datasheet pdf download
PTPM754ADB Microcontroller with TrackPoint™ microcode from IBM

Other parts:TPM754, TPM754A
PTPM754ADB datasheet pdf download
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