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Philips Electronics Datasheet List- 21



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Part Name Description View
PNP3055E PowerMOS transistor PNP3055E datasheet pdf download
BUK456-800 PowerMOS transistor

Other parts:BUK456-800A, BUK456-800B
BUK456-800 datasheet pdf download
BUK545-60A PowerMOS transistor Logic level FET

Other parts:BUK545-60B
BUK545-60A datasheet pdf download
A723CD Precision voltage regulator

Other parts:UA723, UA723C, UA723CD, UA723CN...
A723CD datasheet pdf download
74161 Presettable synchronous 4-bit binary counter; asynchronous reset

Other parts:74HC161, 74HC161D, 74HC161DB, 74HC161NB...
74161 datasheet pdf download
74HC193 Presettable synchronous 4-bit binary up/down counter

Other parts:74HC193D, 74HC193DB, 74HC193N, 74HC193PW...
74HC193 datasheet pdf download
74HC/HCT192 Presettable synchronous BCD decade up/down counter

Other parts:74HC192, 74HC192D, 74HC192N, 74HCT192...
74HC/HCT192 datasheet pdf download
P32P4911A PRML Read Channel with PR4, 8/9 ENDEC, FWR Servo P32P4911A datasheet pdf download
HEF4522B Programmable 4-bit BCD down counter

Other parts:HEF4522BD, HEF4522BDF, HEF4522BF, HEF4522BN...
HEF4522B datasheet pdf download
TM-1000 Programmable Media Processor

Other parts:TRIMEDIATM-1000
TM-1000 datasheet pdf download
74HC9323A Programmable ripple counter with oscillator (3-State)

Other parts:74HC9323AD, 74HC9323D, 74HCT9323A, 74HCT9323AD...
74HC9323A datasheet pdf download
BRY56A Programmable unijunction transistor BRY56A datasheet pdf download
BRY39 Programmable unijunction transistor/ Silicon controlled switch BRY39 datasheet pdf download
74ALS08 Quad 2-Input AND gate

Other parts:74ALS08D, 74ALS08DB, 74ALS08N, N74ALS08...
74ALS08 datasheet pdf download
74LV257D Quad 2-input multiplexer (3-State)

Other parts:74LV257DB, 74LV257N, 74LV257PW, 74LV257PWDH...
74LV257D datasheet pdf download
74F38 Quad 2-input NAND buffer (open collector)

Other parts:I74F38D, I74F38N
74F38 datasheet pdf download
74HC132 Quad 2-input NAND Schmitt trigger

Other parts:74HC132D, 74HC132DB, 74HC132N, 74HC132NB...
74HC132 datasheet pdf download
74F257A Quad 2-line to 1-line selector/multiplexer, non-inverting (3-State)

Other parts:I74F257AD, I74F257AN, N74F257AD, N74F257AN...
74F257A datasheet pdf download
74HC75DB Quad bistable transparent latch

Other parts:74HC75N, 74HC75PW, 74HC75U
74HC75DB datasheet pdf download
N74F125D Quad buffers (3-State)

Other parts:N74F125N, N74F126D, N74F126N, 74F125...
N74F125D datasheet pdf download


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