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Philips Electronics Datasheet List- 21



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74ALS273 Octal D–type flip–flop

Other parts:74ALS273D, 74ALS273DB, 74ALS273N, N74ALS273D...
74ALS273 datasheet pdf download
74HC273 Octal D-type flip-flop with reset; positive-edge trigger

Other parts:74HC273BQ, 74HC273D, 74HC273DB, 74HC273N...
74HC273 datasheet pdf download
74HC374 Octal D-type flip-flop; positive edge-trigger; 3-state

Other parts:74HC374D, 74HC374DB, 74HC374N, 74HC374PW...
74HC374 datasheet pdf download
74ABT2952 Octal registered transceiver (3-State)

Other parts:7ABT2952PWDH, 74ABT2952N, 74ABT2952D, 74ABT2952DB...
74ABT2952 datasheet pdf download
74ABT2953 Octal registered transceiver, inverting (3-State)

Other parts:74ABT2953D, 74ABT2953DB, 74ABT2953N, 74ABT2953PW...
74ABT2953 datasheet pdf download
N74F543DB Octal registered transceiver, non-inverting (3-State) N74F543DB datasheet pdf download
74HC7541 Octal Schmitt trigger buffer/line driver; 3-state

Other parts:74HC7541D, 74HC7541DB, 74HC7541N, 74HC7541U...
74HC7541 datasheet pdf download
74HC7540D Octal Schmitt trigger buffer/line driver; 3-state; inverting

Other parts:74HC7540DB, 74HC7540N, 74HC7540U, 74HCT7540...
74HC7540D datasheet pdf download
74ABT373A Octal transparent latch (3-State)

Other parts:74ABT373AN, 74ABT373AD, 74ABT373ADB, 74ABTD373AB...
74ABT373A datasheet pdf download
BSP090 P-channel enhancement mode vertical D-MOS transistor

Other parts:BSP220, BSP225, BSP230, BSP254A...
BSP090 datasheet pdf download
J174 P-channel silicon field-effect transistors

Other parts:J176, J177, J175
J174 datasheet pdf download
PMBFJ174 P-channel silicon field-effect transistors

Other parts:PMBFJ175, PMBFJ176, PMBFJ177
PMBFJ174 datasheet pdf download
TDA3561A PAL decoder

Other parts:TDA4510/V9
TDA3561A datasheet pdf download
TDA9160 PAL/NTSC/SECAM decoder/sync processor

Other parts:TDA9160A/N3, TDA9160A_N3
TDA9160 datasheet pdf download
NE564 Phase-locked loop

Other parts:NE564D, NE564N, SE564, SE564N...
NE564 datasheet pdf download
74F776 Pi-bus transceiver

Other parts:I74F776A, I74F776N, N74F776A, N74F776F...
74F776 datasheet pdf download
SAA4978H Picture Improved Combined Network (PICNIC) SAA4978H datasheet pdf download
TEA5580 PLL STEREO DECODER TEA5580 datasheet pdf download
TDA1591 PLL stereo decoder and noise blanker

Other parts:TDA1591/V3/S1, TDA1591/V3/S3, TDA1591T
TDA1591 datasheet pdf download
74HCT9046A PLL with bandgap controlled VCO

Other parts:74HCT9046AD, 74HCT9046AN
74HCT9046A datasheet pdf download


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