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Philips Electronics Datasheet List- 3

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TDA1519B 12 W BTL or 2 x 6 W stereo car radio power amplifier

Other parts:TDA1519B/N2, TDA1519B/N2, 112, TDA1519B/N2/S421...
TDA1519B datasheet pdf download
TDA8767H/1 12-bit high-speed Analog-to-Digital Converter (ADC) / QFP44 Package

Other parts:TDA8768A, TDA8768AH/4, TDA8768AH/5, TDA8768AH/7...
TDA8767H/1 datasheet pdf download
74HC4040 12-stage binary ripple counter

Other parts:74HC4040BQ, 74HC4040D, 74HC4040DB, 74HC4040N...
74HC4040 datasheet pdf download
HEF4894BP 12-stage shift-and-store register LED driver

Other parts:HEF4894BT, HEF4894B
HEF4894BP datasheet pdf download
BSW66 NPN switching transistors

Other parts:BSW66A, BSW67, BSW67A, BSW68...
BSW66 datasheet pdf download
BUT11APX-1200 1200 V, silicon diffused power transistor BUT11APX-1200 datasheet pdf download
PCA8581 128 × 8-bit EEPROM with I2C-bus interface

Other parts:PCA8581C, PCA8581CP, PCA8581CT, PCA8581CT/F6...
PCA8581 datasheet pdf download
74HC133 13-input NAND gate

Other parts:74HC133D, 74HC133N
74HC133 datasheet pdf download
TEA6360 5-band stereo equalizer circuit

Other parts:TEA6360/V2, TEA6360T
TEA6360 datasheet pdf download
TDA9615 13.2 V, audio processor for VHS hi-fi

Other parts:TDA9615H
TDA9615 datasheet pdf download
TDA9605 Audio processor with head amplifier for VHS hi-fi

Other parts:TDA9605H, TDA9605H-N1, TDA9605H/N1, TDA9605H/N2...
TDA9605 datasheet pdf download
TDA1023 13.7 V, proportional-control triac triggering circuit

Other parts:TDA1023/N3, TDA1023T
TDA1023 datasheet pdf download
TDA1574T Integrated FM tuner for radio receivers TDA1574T datasheet pdf download
TEA1610 Zero-voltage-switching resonant converter controller

Other parts:TEA1610P, TEA1610T
TEA1610 datasheet pdf download
TEA0676 Dual pre-amplifier and equalizer for reverse tape decks

Other parts:TEA0676T
TEA0676 datasheet pdf download
HEC4020BDB 14-stage binary counter

Other parts:HEF4020B, HEF4020BDB, HEF4020BDF, HEF4020BF...
HEC4020BDB datasheet pdf download
74HC4020 14-stage binary ripple counter

Other parts:74HC4020D, 74HC4020DB, 74HC4020N, 74HC4020PW...
74HC4020 datasheet pdf download
BR211SM Breakover diodes

Other parts:BR211SM-140, BR211SM-160, BR211SM-180, BR211SM-200...
BR211SM datasheet pdf download
2N3019 NPN medium power transistor 2N3019 datasheet pdf download
SCC68070 15 MHz, 16/31-bit microprocessor

Other parts:SCC68070ABA84, SCC68070ABB, SCC68070ACA84, SCC68070ACB...
SCC68070 datasheet pdf download
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