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Philips Electronics Datasheet List- 7

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BRS212-140 Breakover diodes

Other parts:BRS212-160, BRS212-180, BRS212-200, BRS212-220...
BRS212-140 datasheet pdf download
TDA1516 24 W BTL or 2x12 watt stereo car radio power amplifier

Other parts:TDA1516B, TDA1516BQ, TDA1516BQ/N2, TDA1516BQ/N2/S10...
TDA1516 datasheet pdf download
TDA4866 Full bridge current driven vertical deflection booster

Other parts:TDA4866J, TDA4866J/V5
TDA4866 datasheet pdf download
87N03LT N-channel TrenchMOS™ transistor Logic level FET

Other parts:PHB50N03LT, PHB55N03LT, PHB69N03LT, PHB87N03LT...
87N03LT datasheet pdf download
2N4126 PNP general purpose transistor 2N4126 datasheet pdf download
TDA8351 DC-coupled vertical deflection circuit

Other parts:TDA8351/N4, TDA8351/N5
TDA8351 datasheet pdf download
TDA2653A 26 V, vertical deflection circuit TDA2653A datasheet pdf download
TDA8510 26 W BTL and 2×13 W SE power amplifiers

Other parts:TDA8510J, TDA8510J/N1, TDA8510J/N2
TDA8510 datasheet pdf download
TDA2616 2 x 12 W hi-fi audio power amplifiers with mute

Other parts:TDA2616Q
TDA2616 datasheet pdf download
TDA1551 2 x 22 W BTL car radio power amplifier with diagnostic facility

Other parts:TDA1551Q
TDA1551 datasheet pdf download
TDA1521 2 x 12 W hi-fi audio power amplifier

Other parts:TDA1521/N4, TDA1521/N5, TDA1521Q, TDA1521Q/N5...
TDA1521 datasheet pdf download
TDA1552 2x22 watt BTL stereo car radio power amplifier

Other parts:TDA1552Q, TDA1552Q-N4112, TDA1552Q/N4
TDA1552 datasheet pdf download
TDA1558 2 x 22 W or 4 x 11 W single-ended car radio power amplifier

Other parts:TDA1558Q, TDA1558Q/N1, TDA1558Q/N1/S1
TDA1558 datasheet pdf download
TDA2615 2×6 W hi-fi audio power amplifier

Other parts:TDA2615/N1, TDA2615/N1112
TDA2615 datasheet pdf download
TDA7057A 2 × 8 W stereo BTL audio output amplifier with DC volume control

Other parts:TDA7057AQ, TDA7057AQ/N2
TDA7057A datasheet pdf download
TDA7056AT 3 W mono BTL audio amplifier with DC volume control

Other parts:TDA7056AT/N2
TDA7056AT datasheet pdf download
TDA7056A 3 W BTL mono audio output amplifier with DC volume control

Other parts:TDA7056A/N2, TDA7056A/N2/S12
TDA7056A datasheet pdf download
HEC40098BDB 3-state hex inverting buffer

Other parts:HEF40098B, HEF40098BD, HEF40098BDB, HEF40098BDF...
HEC40098BDB datasheet pdf download
74LVT162244B 3.3V 16-bit buffer/driver with 30Ω termination resistors

Other parts:74LVT162244BDL, 74LVT162244BDGG, VT162244BDL, VT162244BDGG...
74LVT162244B datasheet pdf download
8961 ATSC Digital Terrestrial TV demodulator/decoder

Other parts:TDA8961
8961 datasheet pdf download
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