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Philips Electronics Datasheet List- 8

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Part Name Description View
BB182B VHF variable capacitance diode BB182B datasheet pdf download
PCF8531U 34 × 128 pixel matrix driver

Other parts:PCF8531U/1
PCF8531U datasheet pdf download
TDA8571J/N1 4 x 40 W BTL quad car radio power amplifier

Other parts:TDA8571J
TDA8571J/N1 datasheet pdf download
74HC194U 4-bit bidirectional universal shift register

Other parts:HC194
74HC194U datasheet pdf download
7485 4-bit magnitude comparator

Other parts:74HC85, 74HC85D, 74HC85N, 74HC85PW...
7485 datasheet pdf download
74HC/HCT195 4-bit parallel access shift register

Other parts:74HC195, 74HCMOS195, 74HCT195, 74HCU195...
74HC/HCT195 datasheet pdf download
HEF40161B 4-bit synchronous binary counter with asynchronous reset

Other parts:HEF40161BD, HEF40161BDF, HEF40161BDT, HEF40161BF...
HEF40161B datasheet pdf download
HEC40195BDB 4-bit universal shift register

Other parts:HEF40195B, HEF40195BD, HEF40195BDB, HEF40195BDF...
HEC40195BDB datasheet pdf download
SAA1064 4-digit LED-driver with I2C-bus interface.

Other parts:SAA1064/N2, SAA1064T, SAA1064T/N2, 112...
SAA1064 datasheet pdf download
74HC4514 4-to-16 line decoder/demultiplexer with input latches

Other parts:74HC4514D, 74HC4514N, 74HC4514N3, 74HC4514NB...
74HC4514 datasheet pdf download
BGY122A UHF amplifier modules

Other parts:BGY122B
BGY122A datasheet pdf download
PH2369 NPN switching transistor PH2369 datasheet pdf download
BSX20 NPN switching transistor BSX20 datasheet pdf download
2N2906 PNP switching transistors

Other parts:2N2906A
2N2906 datasheet pdf download
TDA1560 40 W car radio high power amplifier

Other parts:TDA1560Q, TDA1560Q/N4
TDA1560 datasheet pdf download
BYV133F Rectifier diodes schottky barrier

Other parts:BYV133F-45, BYV133F-35, BYV133F-40
BYV133F datasheet pdf download
TDA3661A Very low dropout voltage/quiescent current adjustable voltage regulator

Other parts:TDA3661AT
TDA3661A datasheet pdf download
PCD8544 48x84 pixel matrix LCD controller/driver

Other parts:PCD8544U
PCD8544 datasheet pdf download
TDA1555 4 x 11 W single-ended or 2 x 22 W power amplifier with distortion detector

Other parts:TDA1555Q
TDA1555 datasheet pdf download
CD3207 7-bit Futurebus+ transceiver

Other parts:CD3207BB, FB2041, FB2041BB
CD3207 datasheet pdf download
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