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ROHM Semiconductor Datasheet List- 21



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Part Name Description View
BD45231 VOLTAGE DETECTOR IC with counter timer

Other parts:BD45231G, BD45232, BD45232G, BD45235...
BD45231 datasheet pdf download
BD4719 Voltage Detector ICs / Bipolar Voltage Detector ICs

Other parts:BD4719G, BD4720, BD4720G, BD4721...
BD4719 datasheet pdf download
BD4823 Voltage Detector IC Series / System Power Supply

Other parts:BD4823FVE-TL, BD4823FVE-TR, BD4823G-TL, BD4823G-TR...
BD4823 datasheet pdf download
BD5223 (BD52xx / BD53xx) Free Delay Time Setting CMOS Voltage Detector IC

Other parts:BD5223FVE, BD5223G, BD5224, BD5224FVE...
BD5223 datasheet pdf download
BD6210 H-bridge drivers (7V max.) For brush motors

Other parts:BD6210F, BD6210HFP, BD6211, BD6211F...
BD6210 datasheet pdf download
BD6220 DC Brush Motor Drivers (18V Max)

Other parts:BD6220F-E2, BD6221, BD6221F-E2, BD6222...
BD6220 datasheet pdf download
BD6225FP H-bridge drivers (36V max.)

Other parts:BD6230, BD6231, BD6232, BD6235...
BD6225FP datasheet pdf download
BD6376GUL Single H-Bridge Driver High-Speed Switching Type

Other parts:BD6376GUL-E2, 6376
BD6376GUL datasheet pdf download
BD6230F DC Brush Motor Drivers (36V max.)

Other parts:BD6230F-E2, BD6231F, BD6231F-E2, BD6231HFP...
BD6230F datasheet pdf download
BD6775EFV Bipolar stepping motor driver

Other parts:BD6775EFV-E2
BD6775EFV datasheet pdf download
BD6370GUL 5ch System Lens Drivers for Digital Still Cameras

Other parts:BD6758KN, BD6758MWV
BD6370GUL datasheet pdf download
BD7907FS 6-channel Combo driver IC BD7907FS datasheet pdf download
BD7628F Silicon Monolithic Integrated Circuit BD7628F datasheet pdf download
BD7628FVM Silicon Monolithic Integrated Circuit BD7628FVM datasheet pdf download
BD7996EFV 7ch Power Driver for CD-ROM, DVD-ROM BD7996EFV datasheet pdf download
BD7998EFS Silicon Monolithic Integrated Circuit BD7998EFS datasheet pdf download
BD8105FV Power Management IC Series for Automotive Body Control(LED Driver)

Other parts:BD8105FV-E2
BD8105FV datasheet pdf download
BD7904FS 5ch Power Driver for CD-ROM, DVD-ROM BD7904FS datasheet pdf download
BD8179MUV 5V Input Multi-channel System Power Supply IC

Other parts:BD8179MUV-E2
BD8179MUV datasheet pdf download
BD8960NV 2.7V to 5.5V, 2.0A 1ch Synchronous Buck Converter Integrated FET

Other parts:BD8960NV-E2
BD8960NV datasheet pdf download


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