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ROHM Semiconductor Datasheet List- 4

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D1957 NPN power transistor, 120V, 7A / Triple Diffused Planar NPN D1957 datasheet pdf download
2SD2167 NPN Power Transistor

Other parts:2SD2576, D2061, D2167, D2576...
2SD2167 datasheet pdf download
2SD2114K High-current Gain Medium Power Transistor (20V, 0.5A)

Other parts:2SD2114KT146, 2SD2114KT146, 2SD2114KV...
2SD2114K datasheet pdf download
2SD2098T100R Low VCE(sat)transistor (strobe flash)

Other parts:2SD2098T100S, D2097, D2098, D2118...
2SD2098T100R datasheet pdf download
2SC4097 Medium Power Transistor (32V, 0.8A)

Other parts:2SD1781K, 2SD1781KQ, 2SD1781KR, C2411K...
2SC4097 datasheet pdf download
2SD1381F Power Transistor (80V, 1A)

Other parts:2SD1733, 2SD1768S, 2SD1863, 2SD1898...
2SD1381F datasheet pdf download
2SC2021 NPN transistor for general small signal amplifier, 40V 0.1A

Other parts:2SC4038, C2021, C4038
2SC2021 datasheet pdf download
2SC1545 NPN transistor for high gain amplifier and switching, 32V 0.3A

Other parts:2SC4032, C1545, C4032
2SC1545 datasheet pdf download
2SC1615 2SC1615 / 2SC4036 / NPN transistor for high gain amplifier

Other parts:2SC4036, C1615, C4036
2SC1615 datasheet pdf download
2SC1652 Epitaxial Planar NPN Silicon transistor for medium power amplifier, 32V 0.5A

Other parts:2SC4037, C1652, C4037
2SC1652 datasheet pdf download
2SC2063 NPN transistor for RF amplifier, 25V 50mA

Other parts:2SC4039, C2063, C4039
2SC2063 datasheet pdf download
BA7230LS NTSC color TV signal encoder / Multimedia ICs BA7230LS datasheet pdf download
RPI-574 Photointerrupter, encased type RPI-574 datasheet pdf download
RPT-34PB3F Phototransistor, top view type RPT-34PB3F datasheet pdf download
BU9716BK Picture cell driver for STN (LCD driver)

Other parts:BU9716BKV
BU9716BK datasheet pdf download
BC858B PNP general purpose transistor

Other parts:BC858BW
BC858B datasheet pdf download
MMST4403 PNP Medium Power Transistor (Switching)

Other parts:SST4403
MMST4403 datasheet pdf download
2SA1585S PNP silicon low Vce(sat) transistor(−20V, −3A)

Other parts:2SB1424, 2SB1585S, A1585S, B1424...
2SA1585S datasheet pdf download
2SB1184TL Power Transistor (−60V, −3A)

Other parts:2SB1243TV2, B1184TL, B1243TV2, 2SB1184TLR...
2SB1184TL datasheet pdf download
EMZ7 General purpose transistor (dual transistors)

Other parts:EMZ7T2R, UMZ7N, UMZ7NTR
EMZ7 datasheet pdf download
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