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Vishay Semiconductors Datasheet List- 1

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IN5817 Schottky Barrier Rectifier / 1N5817 thru 1N5819

Other parts:IN5818, IN5819
IN5817 datasheet pdf download
1N914 Small Signal Fast Switching Diodes

Other parts:1N914TAP, 1N914TR
1N914 datasheet pdf download
1N4001 General Purpose Plastic Rectifier / If(av) = 1.0A / Vf = 1.1V

Other parts:1N4001-E3/54, 1N4001-E3/73, 1N4002, 1N4002-E3/54...
1N4001 datasheet pdf download
SMP40N10 N-Channel Enhancement-Mode Transistor SMP40N10 datasheet pdf download
BZG05C Zener Diodes

Other parts:BZG05C10, BZG05C100, BZG05C100TR, BZG05C100TR3...
BZG05C datasheet pdf download
1N1199A Medium Power Silicon Rectifier Diodes, 12 A

Other parts:1N1200A, 1N1201A, 1N1202A, 1N1203A...
1N1199A datasheet pdf download
SA10 TRANSZORB® Transient Voltage Suppressors

Other parts:SA10-E3, SA10-E3/54, SA10-E354, SA100...
SA10 datasheet pdf download
BZG04 Zener Diodes with Surge Current Specification

Other parts:BZG04-10, BZG04-10-TR, BZG04-10-TR3, BZG04-100...
BZG04 datasheet pdf download
BYV28/100 Ultra Fast Silicon Mesa Rectifiers

Other parts:BYV28/150, BYV28/200, BYV28/50
BYV28/100 datasheet pdf download

Other parts:SIHFP460LC-E3, IRFP460LC, SIHFP460LC
IRFP460LCPBF datasheet pdf download
IRL540S 28A 100V power MOSFET

Other parts:IRL540SPBF, IRL540STRLPBF, SIHL540S-E3, SIHL540S-GE3...
IRL540S datasheet pdf download
1N5400 General Purpose Plastic Rectifier

Other parts:1N5400-E3, 1N5400-E3/54, 1N5400-E3/73, 1N5401...
1N5400 datasheet pdf download
TZX10 Silicon Epitaxial Planar Z–Diodes

Other parts:TZX10A, TZX10B, TZX10C, TZX10D...
TZX10 datasheet pdf download
DF005M Miniature Glass Passivated Single-Phase Bridge Rectifiers

Other parts:DF01M, DF02M, DF04M, DF06M...
DF005M datasheet pdf download

Other parts:SIHFP360-E3, IRFP360, SIHFP360...
IRFP360PBF datasheet pdf download
BZX55 Small Signal Zener Diodes

Other parts:BZX55C, BZX55C2V4, BZX55C2V4-TR, BZX55C2V4-TAP...
BZX55 datasheet pdf download
EGP10 Glass Passivated Ultrafast Plastic Rectifier

Other parts:EGP10A, EGP10A-E3, EGP10A-E3-54, EGP10A-E3-73...
EGP10 datasheet pdf download
5KP100A TRANSZORB® Transient Voltage Suppressors

Other parts:5KP10A, 5KP110A, 5KP11A, 5KP120A...
5KP100A datasheet pdf download
1N4728A Zener Diodes

Other parts:1N4728A-TAP, 1N4728A-TR, 1N4729A, 1N4729A-TAP...
1N4728A datasheet pdf download
S868T BIPMIC® – Cascadable Silicon Bipolar Amplifier S868T datasheet pdf download
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