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Vishay Semiconductors Datasheet List- 10

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Part Name Description View
40TPS16 Phase Control SCR, 35 A

Other parts:40TPS16PBF
40TPS16 datasheet pdf download
40TTS12-M3 Thyristor High Voltage, Phase Control SCR, 40 A

Other parts:40TTS12PbF, VS-40TTS12-M3, VS-40TTS12PbF
40TTS12-M3 datasheet pdf download
42CTQ030 Schottky Rectifier, 2 x 20 A

Other parts:42CTQ030PBF
42CTQ030 datasheet pdf download
430P103X5600 Metalized Polyester Film Capacitors Wrap-and-Fill

Other parts:430P103X9600, 430P104X5200, 430P104X5400, 430P104X5600...
430P103X5600 datasheet pdf download
50N02-09 N-Channel 20-V (D-S) 175C MOSFET

Other parts:SUD50N02-09P, SUD50N02-09P-E3
50N02-09 datasheet pdf download
561R Lower Voltage Ceramic DC Disc Capacitors 1000 VDC General Purpose

Other parts:561R5GAQ10, 561R5GAQ33, 562R, 562R5GAD10...
561R datasheet pdf download
630D100 (630D Series) Aluminum Capacitors

Other parts:630D101, 630D102, 630D103, 630D104...
630D100 datasheet pdf download
80CPQ150 Schottky Rectifier, 2 x 40 A 80CPQ150 datasheet pdf download
AN728 Designing A Flyback Converter with Si9113 for Feeding the TE from U-Interface In ISDN AN728 datasheet pdf download
CP002M Wirewound Resistors, Commercial Power, Surface Mount

Other parts:CP002M1K500FB37, CP002M1K500FP07, CP002M1K500HB37, CP002M1K500HP07...
CP002M datasheet pdf download
DG5043 Monolithic General-Purpose CMOS Analog Switch

Other parts:DG5043CJ
DG5043 datasheet pdf download
GZF10C Zener Diodes

Other parts:GZF11C, GZF12C, GZF13C, GZF15C...
GZF10C datasheet pdf download
HFA50PA60C HEXFRED® Ultrafast, Soft Recovery Diode, 2 x 25 A

Other parts:HFB50PA60C
HFA50PA60C datasheet pdf download
HS0038B Photo Modules for PCM Remote Control Systems HS0038B datasheet pdf download

Other parts:SIHFBC40-E3, IRFBC40, SIHFBC40
IRFBC40PBF datasheet pdf download

Other parts:SIHFP15N60L-E3, IRFP15N60L, SIHFP15N60L...
IRFP15N60LPBF datasheet pdf download

Other parts:IRFP450NPBF, SIHFP450N, SIHFP450N-E3
IRFP450N datasheet pdf download

Other parts:IRFPG30PBF, SIHFPG30, SIHFPG30-E3
IRFPG30 datasheet pdf download

Other parts:IRLR120PBF, IRLR120TR, IRLR120TRL, IRLR120TRLPBF...
IRLR120 datasheet pdf download
MBRS140TRPBF Schottky Rectifier, 1.0 A

Other parts:VS-MBRS140TRPBF
MBRS140TRPBF datasheet pdf download
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