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Vishay Semiconductors Datasheet List- 12

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Other parts:FB9N60A
FB-9N60A datasheet pdf download
STVS-330C16L1 Phase Control Thyristors / (Hockey PUK Version), 650 A

Other parts:VS-ST330C04L, VS-ST330C08L, VS-ST330C12L, VS-ST330C14L...
STVS-330C16L1 datasheet pdf download
VS-ST300C Phase Control Thyristors

Other parts:VS-ST300C04C2, VS-ST300C04C3, VS-ST300C08C2, VS-ST300C08C3...
VS-ST300C datasheet pdf download

Other parts:IRF840LC, IRF840LCPBF, SiHF840LC
F840LC datasheet pdf download
30TPS08-M3 Thyristor High Voltage, Phase Control SCR, 30 A

Other parts:30TPS08PBF, 30TPS12-M3, 30TPS12PBF, VS-30TPS08-M3...
30TPS08-M3 datasheet pdf download
60APF02-M3 Fast Soft Recovery Rectifier Diode, 60 A / Package TO-247AC modified, TO-247AC

Other parts:60APF02PbF, 60APF04-M3, 60APF04PbF, 60APF06-M3...
60APF02-M3 datasheet pdf download
GRE1 High Power, High Current Grid Resistors, 1 kW and Larger

Other parts:GRE12R128K23B1234A, GRES2R128K23B1234A
GRE1 datasheet pdf download
RN60C1823F Metal Film Resistors, Military, MIL-R-10509 Qualified, Precision, Type RN and MIL-PRF-22684 Qualified, Type RL RN60C1823F datasheet pdf download
85HF10 Standard Recovery Diodes, (Stud Version), 85 A

Other parts:85HF100, 85HF120, 85HF140, 85HF160...
85HF10 datasheet pdf download
SMF54A Surface Mount ESD Protection Diodes

Other parts:SMF54A-GS08, SMF54A-GS18, SMF58A, SMF58A-GS08...
SMF54A datasheet pdf download
16N50C Power MOSFET

Other parts:SiHB16N50C, SiHF16N50C, SiHP16N50C
16N50C datasheet pdf download
IRF9640 Power MOSFET

Other parts:IRF9640N, IRF9640PBF, SIHF9640, SIHF9640-E3...
IRF9640 datasheet pdf download
4800B N-Channel Reduced Qg, Fast Switching MOSFET

Other parts:Si4800BDY, Si4800BDY-T1-E3, Si4800BDY-T1-GE3
4800B datasheet pdf download
BAQ333 Small Signal Switching Diodes, Low Leakage Current / BAQ333, BAQ334, BAQ335

Other parts:BAQ333-TR, BAQ333-TR3, BAQ334, BAQ334-TR...
BAQ333 datasheet pdf download
BAV100 Small Signal Switching Diodes, High Voltage / MiniMELF SOD-80

Other parts:BAV100-GS08, BAV100-GS18, BAV101, BAV101-GS08...
BAV100 datasheet pdf download
CSC04 Thick Film Resistor Networks, Single-In-Line, Conformal Coated SIP

Other parts:CSC04A, CSC04B, CSC05, CSC05A...
CSC04 datasheet pdf download
BAQ33 Small Signal Switching Diodes, Low Leakage Current / MiniMELF SOD-80

Other parts:BAQ33-GS08, BAQ33-GS18, BAQ34, BAQ34-GS08...
BAQ33 datasheet pdf download
BY448 Standard Avalanche Sinterglass Diode / Case:SOD-57

Other parts:BY458, BY458TAP, BY458TR
BY448 datasheet pdf download
293D Solid Tantalum Surface Mount Chip Capacitors

Other parts:293D106(1)004A(2), 293D106(1)004B(2), 293D107(1)004B(2), 293D107(1)004C(2)...
293D datasheet pdf download
SA100A TRANSZORB Transient Voltage Suppressors

Other parts:SA10A, SA110A, SA11A, SA120A...
SA100A datasheet pdf download
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