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Vishay Semiconductors Datasheet List- 14

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135D Wet Tantalum Capacitors Tantalum-Case with Glass-to-Tantalum Hermetic Seal for - 55 °C to + 200 °C Operation

Other parts:135D106X0025C2, 135D106X0025C2E3, 135D106X0050C2, 135D106X0050C2E3...
135D datasheet pdf download
1442 Bulk Metal® Foil Technology Dual-In-Line Hermetic Resistor Networks

Other parts:1445, 1446
1442 datasheet pdf download
150K10 Standard Recovery Diodes (Stud Version), 150 A

Other parts:150K10A, 150K20, 150K20A, 150K30...
150K10 datasheet pdf download
150EBU04 Ultrafast Soft Recovery Diode, 150 A FRED Pt™ 150EBU04 datasheet pdf download
15ETH03S Hyperfast Rectifier, 15 A FRED Pt™

Other parts:15ETH03SPBF, 15ETH03STRL, 15ETH03STRLPBF, 15ETH03STRR...
15ETH03S datasheet pdf download
15ETH06 Hyperfast Rectifier, 15 A FRED Pt™

Other parts:15ETH06PBF, 15ETH06FP, 15ETH06FPPBF
15ETH06 datasheet pdf download
VS-15ETH06-N3 Ultrafast Rectifier, 15 A Fred Pt®

Other parts:VS-15ETH06FP-N3, VS-15ETH06FPPBF, VS-15ETH06PBF, 15ETH06PB_12...
VS-15ETH06-N3 datasheet pdf download
15MQ040-M3 Schottky Rectifier, 1.5 A

Other parts:VS-15MQ040-M3, VS-15MQ040-M3/5AT
15MQ040-M3 datasheet pdf download
192P101X9200 Polyester Film/Foil Capacitors Sleeved, Miniature, Axial Lead

Other parts:192P102X9200, 192P102X9400, 192P102X9600, 192P103X9080...
192P101X9200 datasheet pdf download
1N3208 Stud-Mounted Silicon Rectifier Diodes, 15 A

Other parts:1N3208R, 1N3209, 1N3209R, 1N3210...
1N3208 datasheet pdf download
12F100MS02 Fast Recovery Diodes (Stud Version), 6/12/16 A

Other parts:12F100MS05, 12F100S02, 12F100S05, 12F10MS02...
12F100MS02 datasheet pdf download
1N4001GP Glass Passivated Junction Rectifier

Other parts:1N4001GP-E3/54, 1N4001GP-E3/73, 1N4001GPHE3/54, 1N4001GPHE3/73...
1N4001GP datasheet pdf download
1N4148W-V-G Small Signal Fast Switching Diode

Other parts:1N4148W-V-G-18, 1N4148W-V-G-08
1N4148W-V-G datasheet pdf download
1N4942GP Glass Passivated Junction Fast Switching Rectifier

Other parts:1N4944GP, 1N4946GP, 1N4946GP-E3, 1N4946GP-E3/54...
1N4942GP datasheet pdf download
1N5391GP Glass Passivated Junction Plastic Rectifier

Other parts:1N5391GP-E3/73, 1N5391GP-E3/54, 1N5392GP, 1N5392GP-E3/54...
1N5391GP datasheet pdf download
1N5820-M3 Schottky Rectifier, 3.0 A

Other parts:1N5820TR-M3, 1N5820_11, VS-1N5820, VS-1N5820-M3...
1N5820-M3 datasheet pdf download
2W005G Glass Passivated Single-Phase Bridge Rectifier

Other parts:2W005G-E4/51, 2W005G-E451, 2W01G, 2W01G-E4/51...
2W005G datasheet pdf download
200D318X0006A1 Wet Tantalum Capacitors Wet Sintered Anode TANTALEX® Components TANTAPAK® Capacitor Assemblies

Other parts:200D318X9006A1, 202D107X0150A3, 202D108X0040A3, 202D108X0050A5...
200D318X0006A1 datasheet pdf download
20ETF02 Fast Soft Recovery Rectifier Diode, 20 A

Other parts:20ETF02PBF, 20ETF04, 20ETF04PBF, 20ETF06...
20ETF02 datasheet pdf download
20ETF02FN Fast Soft Recovery Rectifier Diode, 20 A

Other parts:20ETF02FNPBF, 20ETF02FP, 20ETF02FPPBF, 20ETF04FN...
20ETF02FN datasheet pdf download
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