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Vishay Semiconductors Datasheet List- 17

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35100 Ceramic Stand-off Insulators for RF-Equipment

Other parts:3540, 3550, 3558, 3560...
35100 datasheet pdf download
36D Aluminum Capacitors Powerlytic®, Large Can

Other parts:36D103G075CC2A, 36D123G040BC2A, 36D132G050AA2A, 36D133G015AC2A...
36D datasheet pdf download
26MT Three Phase Bridge (Power Modules), 25/35 A

Other parts:26MT10, 26MT100, 26MT120, 26MT140...
26MT datasheet pdf download
2KBP005M Glass Passivated Single-Phase Bridge Rectifier

Other parts:2KBP01M, 2KBP02M, 2KBP04M, 2KBP06M...
2KBP005M datasheet pdf download
40HF10 Standard Recovery Diodes,(Stud Version), 40 A

Other parts:40HF100, 40HF100M, 40HF10M, 40HF120...
40HF10 datasheet pdf download
40EPS Input Rectifier Diode, 40 A

Other parts:40EPS08, 40EPS08PBF, 40EPS12, 40EPS12PBF...
40EPS datasheet pdf download
40EPS16PBF Input Rectifier Diode, 40 A

Other parts:40EPS16
40EPS16PBF datasheet pdf download
40TPS08 Phase Control SCR, 35 A

Other parts:40TPS08A, 40TPS08APBF, 40TPS08PBF, 40TPS12...
40TPS08 datasheet pdf download
42CTQ030-1 Schottky Rectifier, 2 x 20 A

Other parts:42CTQ030-1PBF, 42CTQ030-1TRL, 42CTQ030-1TRLPBF, 42CTQ030-1TRR...
42CTQ030-1 datasheet pdf download
43CTQ100-N3 Schottky Rectifier, 2 x 20 A

Other parts:VS-43CTQ100-N3, VS-43CTQ100PBF
43CTQ100-N3 datasheet pdf download
43CTQ080 Schottky Rectifier, 2 x 20 A

Other parts:43CTQ080-1, 43CTQ080-1P, 43CTQ080-1PBF, 43CTQ080-1TRL...
43CTQ080 datasheet pdf download
125L AC Line Rated Disc Capacitors

Other parts:125LD10, 125LD15, 125LD20, 125LD22...
125L datasheet pdf download
440LD10-R AC Line Rated Disc Capacitors Class X1, 400 VAC/Class Y1, 500 VAC

Other parts:440LD15-R, 440LD20-R, 440LD22-R, 440LD27-R...
440LD10-R datasheet pdf download
489D Resin-Coated, Radial-Lead Solid Tantalum Capacitors

Other parts:489D104, 489D104X0035AAE3, 489D104X0050AAE3, 489D104X9035AAE3...
489D datasheet pdf download
4N35-X Optocoupler, Phototransistor Output, with Base Connection

Other parts:4N35-X000, 4N35-X001, 4N35-X006, 4N35-X007T...
4N35-X datasheet pdf download
50SQ060G Schottky Rectifier, 5 A

Other parts:50SQ080G, 50SQ100G
50SQ060G datasheet pdf download
50RIA10 Medium Power Thyristors (Stud Version), 50 A

Other parts:50RIA100, 50RIA100M, 50RIA100S90, 50RIA100S90M...
50RIA10 datasheet pdf download
517D Aluminum Capacitors + 105 °C, General Purpose Miniature, Radial Lead

Other parts:517D105M050JA6AE3, 517D105M100JA6AE3, 517D105M160AA6AE3, 517D105M200AA6AE3...
517D datasheet pdf download
604D Aluminum Capacitors 4-Terminal, Tubular, Axial Lead

Other parts:604D272F005GJ2, 604D332F005GL2, 604D472F005GP2, 604D682F005GS2...
604D datasheet pdf download
604D272F005GJ7 Aluminum Capacitors 4-Terminal, Tubular, Axial Lead

Other parts:604D272F005GL7, 604D272F005GP7, 604D272F005GS7, 604D272F005GT7...
604D272F005GJ7 datasheet pdf download
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