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Vishay Semiconductors Datasheet List- 3

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Part Name Description View
VP0300B P-channel enhancement-mode MOSFET, 1.25A, 30V VP0300B datasheet pdf download
BPW21R Silicon Photodiode BPW21R datasheet pdf download
TSOP1830SJ1 Photo module for PCM remote control systems, 30Hz

Other parts:TSOP1833SJ1, TSOP1836SJ1, TSOP1837SJ1, TSOP1838SJ1...
TSOP1830SJ1 datasheet pdf download
TFMM5360 Photo Modules for PCM Remote Control Systems

Other parts:TFMN5360, TSOP1236GL1, TSOP1236KA1, TSOP1236KD1...
TFMM5360 datasheet pdf download
TFMM5380 Photo Modules for PCM Remote Control Systems

Other parts:TFMN5380, TSOP1230, TSOP1233, TSOP1236...
TFMM5380 datasheet pdf download
S186P Silicon PIN Photodiode S186P datasheet pdf download
S350P Silicon NPN Phototransistor S350P datasheet pdf download
BF979 Silicon PNP Planar RF Transistor BF979 datasheet pdf download
MBR2035 Schottky Rectifier, 2 x 10 A

Other parts:MBR2045, VS-MBR2035CTPBF, VS-MBR2045CTPBF
MBR2035 datasheet pdf download
TLMK310 Standard SMD LED PLCC-2

Other parts:TLMK3100-GS08, TLMK3102, TLMK3102-GS08, TLMK3102-GS18...
TLMK310 datasheet pdf download
TLS.210. Symbol LED in 2 x 5 mm Flat Tinted Top-Diffused Package

Other parts:TLSG210, TLSG2100, TLSG2101, TLSH210...
TLS.210. datasheet pdf download
TDSG315 10 mm Seven Segment Display

Other parts:TDSG316, TDSO315, TDSO316, TDSR315...
TDSG315 datasheet pdf download
TDSG5150 Standard 7-Segment Display 13 mm

Other parts:TDSG5150-MN, TDSG5150-N, TDSG5160, TDSG5160-MN...
TDSG5150 datasheet pdf download
TBA540 Monolithisch Integrierte Schaltung Monolithic Integrated Circuit

Other parts:TMA540
TBA540 datasheet pdf download
TCNT1000 Reflective Optical Sensor with Transistor Output TCNT1000 datasheet pdf download
S397D Schottky Barrier Rectifier S397D datasheet pdf download
KBPC8005 Single Phase Rectifier Bridge, 8 A

Other parts:KBPC801, KBPC802, KBPC804, KBPC806...
KBPC8005 datasheet pdf download
S392 Silicon PIN Diode

Other parts:S392D, S392D-GS08, S392D-GS18
S392 datasheet pdf download
BAW56 Small Signal Switching Diode, Dual

Other parts:BAW56-E3-08, BAW56-E3-18, BAW56-HE3-08, BAW56-HE3-18...
BAW56 datasheet pdf download
VS-301U Standard Recovery Diodes, (Stud Version), 300 A

Other parts:VS-301UR, VS-301UR160, VS-301UR200, VS-301UR250...
VS-301U datasheet pdf download
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