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Vishay Semiconductors Datasheet List- 4

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1N5059 Standard Avalanche Sinterglass Diode

Other parts:1N5060, 1N5061, 1N5062, 1N5062-TAP...
1N5059 datasheet pdf download
BYT51 Standard Avalanche Sinterglass Diode / SOD57 Package

Other parts:BYT51A, BYT51B, BYT51D, BYT51G...
BYT51 datasheet pdf download
GLL4735 Zener Diodes

Other parts:GLL4736, GLL4737, GLL4738, GLL4739...
GLL4735 datasheet pdf download
MMSZ5225 Small Signal Zener Diodes

Other parts:MMSZ5225B, MMSZ5225C, MMSZ5226, MMSZ5226B...
MMSZ5225 datasheet pdf download
SMCG10 Surface Mount TRANSZORB® Transient Voltage Suppressors

Other parts:SMCG100, SMCG100A, SMCG100C, SMCG100CA...
SMCG10 datasheet pdf download
SMCJ100A Surface Mount TRANSZORB® Transient Voltage Suppressors

Other parts:SMCJ10A, SMCJ110A, SMCJ11A, SMCJ120A...
SMCJ100A datasheet pdf download
16TTS08-M3 Thyristor High Voltage, Phase Control SCR, 16 A

Other parts:16TTS12-M3, VS-16TTS08-M3, VS-16TTS08PBF, VS-16TTS12-M3...
16TTS08-M3 datasheet pdf download
P4KE530 TRANSZORB® Transient Voltage Suppressors

Other parts:P4KE550, P4KE530-E3/54, P4KE550-E3/54, P4KE530-E3...
P4KE530 datasheet pdf download
CNY70 Transmissive Optical Sensor with Phototransistor Output

Other parts:TCPT1200, TCPT1200X01, TCPT1300X01, TCRT1000...
CNY70 datasheet pdf download
TDA4173 TV Vertical Deflection Output Amplifier TDA4173 datasheet pdf download
TLMA3100 Standard SMD LED PLCC-2

Other parts:TLMY3101, TLMH3100, TLMH3101, TLMH3102...
TLMA3100 datasheet pdf download
BZX84 Small Signal Zener Diodes

Other parts:BZX84B10, BZX84B11, BZX84B12, BZX84B13...
BZX84 datasheet pdf download
S391D RF PIN Diode - Single in MiniMELF SOD-80

Other parts:S391D-G, S391D-GS08
S391D datasheet pdf download
1N4148W-GS08 1N4148W is a Small Signal Fast Switching Diode. SOD-123 type

Other parts:1N4148W-V, 1N4148W-V-GS08, 1N4148W-V-GS18, N4148W-HE3-08...
1N4148W-GS08 datasheet pdf download
M39003 Solid-Electrolyte TANTALEX® Capacitors, Military MIL-PRF-39003/01 Qualified, Style CSR13

Other parts:M39003/01, M39003/01-2254B, M39003/01-2254B/TR, M39003/01-2254B/HR...
M39003 datasheet pdf download
G20N50C Power MOSFET

Other parts:G20N50C-E3, G20N50C-GE3, SIHG20N50C, SIHG20N50C-E3...
G20N50C datasheet pdf download
MCA1206 Professional Thin Film Chip Resistors

Other parts:MCS0402, MCT0603, MCU0805, MCS04020D4641DP500...
MCA1206 datasheet pdf download
SFR16S Standard Metal Film Leaded Resistors

Other parts:SFR16S0, SFR16S0001001FA100, SFR16S0001001FA500, SFR16S0001001FN400...
SFR16S datasheet pdf download
VJ0402 Surface Mount Multilayer Ceramic Chip Capacitor Solutions for Boardflex Sensitive Applications

Other parts:VJ0603, VJ0805, VJ0805A332FXBTW1BC, VJ0805A332FXJRW1BC...
VJ0402 datasheet pdf download
PTN0805E8250BBT1 Commercial Thin Film Chip Resistor, Surface Mount Chip

Other parts:PTN0402D1002ABT1, PTN0402D1002ABT3, PTN0402D1002AGT1, PTN0402D1002AGT3...
PTN0805E8250BBT1 datasheet pdf download
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