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Vishay Semiconductors Datasheet List- 5

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SOMC14 Thick Film Resistor Networks, Dual-In-Line, Medium Body, Small Outline, Molded DIP, Surface Mount

Other parts:SOMC14000000FDC, SOMC14000000FEA, SOMC14000000FEJ, SOMC14000000FRZ...
SOMC14 datasheet pdf download
VS-50RIA Medium Power Phase Control Thyristors (Stud Version), 50 A

Other parts:VS-50RIA10, VS-50RIA10M, VS-50RIA10S90, VS-50RIA10S90M...
VS-50RIA datasheet pdf download
IM-1 Inductors, Commercial, Molded, Axial Leaded

Other parts:IM-10, IM-2, IM-4, IM-6...
IM-1 datasheet pdf download
MKT1820 DC Film Capacitors MKT Radial Potted Type

Other parts:MKT1820210105, MKT1820210635, MKT1820215105, MKT1820215635...
MKT1820 datasheet pdf download
564R20GAD27 Lower Voltage Ceramic Singlelayer DC Disc Capacitors

Other parts:564R20GAD39, 564R20GAS10, 564R20TSSD15, 564R20TSSD18...
564R20GAD27 datasheet pdf download
GB75DA120UP Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor (Ultrafast IGBT), 75 A GB75DA120UP datasheet pdf download
SUB85N06-05 N-Channel 60-V (D-S) 175°C MOSFET

Other parts:SUP85N06-05
SUB85N06-05 datasheet pdf download
CWR06 Solid Tantalum Surface Mount Capacitors TANTAMOUNT™ Conformal Coated, Military MIL-PRF-55365/4 Qualified

Other parts:CWR06CB225K, CWR06CB475K, CWR06CB685K, CWR06DB155KBA/TR...
CWR06 datasheet pdf download

IRFRC20 datasheet pdf download
SUD50N06-36 N-Channel 60-V (D-S), 150 °C MOSFET - TO-252type

Other parts:SUD50N06-36-E3
SUD50N06-36 datasheet pdf download
SI5915DC Dual P-Channel 1.8 V (G-S) MOSFET

Other parts:SI5915DC-T1, SI5915DC-T1-E3, SI5915DC-T1-GE3
SI5915DC datasheet pdf download
SUP60N06 N-Channel 60-V (D-S) MOSFET

Other parts:SUP60N06-12P, SUP60N06-12P-E3, SUP60N06-12P-GE3
SUP60N06 datasheet pdf download
WSC-1 Wirewound Resistors, Precision Power, Surface Mount - WSC, WSN

Other parts:WSC-1/2, WSC-2, WSC0001, WSC0002...
WSC-1 datasheet pdf download
TCMT1100 Optocoupler, Phototransistor Output, Single Channel, Half Pitch Mini-Flat Package

Other parts:TCMT1101, TCMT1102, TCMT1103, TCMT1104...
TCMT1100 datasheet pdf download
IRF540 Power MOSFET / IRF540 datasheet

Other parts:IRF540S, IRF540SPBF, IRF540STRLPBF, IRF540STRRPBF...
IRF540 datasheet pdf download
6N137-X006 High Speed Optocoupler, Single and Dual, 10 MBd

Other parts:6N137-X007T, VO2601-X006, VO2601-X007T, VO2601-X016...
6N137-X006 datasheet pdf download
1N4448 Small Signal Fast Switching Diodes

Other parts:1N4448TAP, 1N4448TR, N4448, V4448...
1N4448 datasheet pdf download
UG1A Miniature Ultrafast Plastic Rectifier

Other parts:UG1B, UG1C, UG1D
UG1A datasheet pdf download
UG8AT Ultrafast Rectifier

Other parts:UG8BT, UG8CT, UG8DT
UG8AT datasheet pdf download
ZPY10 Silicon planar power Zener diodes

Other parts:ZPY100, ZPY11, ZPY12, ZPY13...
ZPY10 datasheet pdf download
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