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Vishay Semiconductors Datasheet List- 9

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TSOP1730SA1 Photo Modules for PCM Remote Control Systems

Other parts:TSOP1733SA1, TSOP1736SA1, TSOP1737SA1, TSOP1738SA1...
TSOP1730SA1 datasheet pdf download
SST5198NL Monolithic N-Channel JFET Duals

Other parts:SST5199NL, U5196NL, U5197NL, U5198NL...
SST5198NL datasheet pdf download
U20BCT Dual Common-Cathode Ultrafast Plastic Rectifier

Other parts:U20BCT-E3/4W, U20CCT, U20CCT-E3/4W, U20DCT...
U20BCT datasheet pdf download
UFB130FA20 Insulated Ultrafast Rectifier Module, 130 A

Other parts:VS-UFB130FA20
UFB130FA20 datasheet pdf download
UH3B (UH3B - UH3D) Surface Mount Ultrafast Rectifier

Other parts:UH3B-E3/57T, UH3B-E3/9AT, UH3BHE3/57T, UH3BHE3/9AT...
UH3B datasheet pdf download
VO3120 2.5 A Output Current IGBT and MOSFET Driver

Other parts:VO3120-X001, VO3120-X007T, VO3120-X019T
VO3120 datasheet pdf download
VTS40100CT Dual High-Voltage Trench MOS Barrier Schottky Rectifier VTS40100CT datasheet pdf download
WSL06034L000DBA Power Metal Strip® Resistors, Low Value (down to 0.0005 Ω), Surface Mount

Other parts:WSL06034L000DEA, WSL06034L000DEH, WSL06034L000DEK, WSL06034L000DTA...
WSL06034L000DBA datasheet pdf download
D55342/07 QPL MIL-PRF-55342 Qualified Thin Film Resistor, Surface Mount Chip

Other parts:M55342/01, M55342/02, M55342/03, M55342/04...
D55342/07 datasheet pdf download
SFH6106 Optocoupler, Phototransistor Output, High Reliability, 5300 VRMS

Other parts:SFH6106-1T, SFH6106-1X001T, SFH6106-2T, SFH6106-2X001T...
SFH6106 datasheet pdf download
GPP20A Glass Passivated Junction Rectifier

Other parts:GPP20B, GPP20D, GPP20G, GPP20J...
GPP20A datasheet pdf download
1KAB100E Single Phase Rectifier Bridge, 1.2 A

Other parts:1KAB10E, 1KAB20E, 1KAB40E, 1KAB60E...
1KAB100E datasheet pdf download
BZD27 Zener Diodes

Other parts:BZD27-C3V6P, BZD27-C3V9P, BZD27-C4V3P, BZD27-C4V7P...
BZD27 datasheet pdf download
04271109E3 Aluminum Capacitors Axial High Temperature High Voltage for E.L.B.

Other parts:04271159E3, 04271229E3, 04271688E3, 04272109E3...
04271109E3 datasheet pdf download
1457 Bulk Metal® Foil Technology 18 Pin Dual-In-Line Hermetic Resistor Network 1457 datasheet pdf download
150EBU02 Ultrafast Soft Recovery Diode, 150 A FRED Pt®

Other parts:VS-150EBU02
150EBU02 datasheet pdf download
15ETH03 Hyperfast Rectifier, 15 A FRED Pt™

Other parts:15ETH03PBF
15ETH03 datasheet pdf download
15MQ040N Schottky Rectifier, 3 A

Other parts:15MQ040NPBF, 15MQ040NTR, 15MQ040NTRPBF
15MQ040N datasheet pdf download
16TTS16S Surface Mountable Phase Control SCR, 16 A

16TTS16S datasheet pdf download
36DY Aluminum Capacitors +85 °C, Large Can

Other parts:36DY102F200AB2A, 36DY103F040AB2A, 36DY103F040AM2A, 36DY103F040BY2A...
36DY datasheet pdf download
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